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Male Chastity Stories

May 16th, 2020

Entering A Male Chastity Lifestyle

When you begin fooling around with the thought of coming into a male chastity life style, you might be shy or confused as to the endless variations of the kinky way of life you are entering. The web is as always a source for lots of information on chastity for men. You may simply search out sissy play for inspiration, harder femdom themes, and much more beyond. But of course, cuckold stories, male chastity films, and femdom sites can only ever serve as sources of theoretical information, inspirational wells, and food for fantasies.

To explore life in male chastity further you need to leave the internet and enter the fetish world populated by femdoms, cuckolding wives, and stern dominas.

There are several ways of taking your sissy male, chastity, or male slave fantasies from the virtual world to the real one. Some aspiring cuckolds try out female domination via calling dominas doing phone sex domination, others seek out mistresses for web cam sissy training session. These are still methods of exploring your kinks tied to the internet. But your options do not end there. Most larger cities around the world have thriving and vibrant fetish scenes for maledoms and female slaves, femdoms and male slaves, sadists, and masochists of every sort.

How do you find these BDSM scenes in a safe way?

The best advice is to go onto places like Fetlife and search out your local areas event listings. In most places there will be BDSM and fetish parties, kinky clubs and munches for fetishists. Plenty of places have organized groups for kinky people as well that you can join. These are excellent places to see your kinks in action, meet likeminded male slaves and dominas and potentially find a play partner.

Alternatively, if you have an existing partner, you may broach the subject of trying out your fetishes at home. Obviously this approach only works if your wife actually enjoys the same fetishes you do. But deep inside you probably already know if she does. Does she have the superior spirit, the dominant streak? If she does, be open about it and find a way to get it out in the open and expand your relationship to a male chastity lifestyle one.

Remember that life is too short to be shy about your desires. If you want to be put in bondage by a supreme female, seek it out! Your wife might well be ready to be the Goddess of your life, but if not you can explore our guide to female domination venues where your fetish might start flourishing.

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