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The History of Masochism

March 8th, 2020

The History of Masochism. Well in started in the cave. A nice looking girl asked for a nice hard spanking. Even though she hadnt done a single thing wrong. And strangely, a bulky bloke happily obliged her wishes!

No well. We may have to proceed a few centuries from the stone ages to register sadomasochistic activities. But by all accounts the actual desires have always existed. Some love to submit. Some love pain. Some love degradation. Some love dishing it all out. Oh and well, some greedily like all of it indiscriminately!

Where do these kinky tendencies come from ? We simply do not know. Some realize their desires from an early age. Others catch on as they come of age and start exploring their sexuality. But sooner or later the inner masochist, submissive, painslut or whatever one might be comes out. And blooms with a partner of the opposite interests.

A new book is out diving into these topics with a passion. A History of Sexual Punishments – In Pictures guides you through centuries of whipping, spanking, bondage and submission. The tales are told in high quality fetish photos through around 250 pages. Read a review of History of Sexual Punishment at BDSM Files.

You may of course also dive directly into the book released by Goliath Books publishing. They have a track record featuring plenty of interesting books on sexuality, fetishism, sadomasochism and many related topics.

Check out A History of Sexual Punishment – in pictures

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