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Milf in Stockings Spanked

February 19th, 2021

Painsluts Erotic Torture

Milf in Stockings Spanked

Shadow Slaves
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Amateur Painslut Kitty Whipped and private bdsm dungeon session of mature submissive in stockings and lingerie getting tied up and punished

Shadow Slaves
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The horny milf is tied, whipped and punished inside the dungeon. Lifestyle beginner BDSM slave female Kitty is wearing lingerie and stockings for her whipping session. She is tied palms above head and whipped on her backside, backside and tits.

What might be more fun than that? A horny submissive naked woman on your dungeon. The sexy milf performs the position of a prisoner all chained up in ropes for your bondage dungeon. A prisoner in bondage a good way to punish and fuck in your favorite BDSM video games!

Look into her eyes, she knows she is your intercourse slave and he or she craves both the delight and pain to follow. She is aware of that she should obey your every sexual wish, fulfill your every sexual urge. She is bare in bondage, she is there to serve you.

So what comes first? You have this beautiful submissive naked woman prisoner in bondage, chained up for your dungeon. So what are you going to do to her first. Will she be fucked in bondage? Or does she need a thorough whipping first. Does punishing ladies in bondage turn you on? Is it foreplay before she is fucked in bondage through your outstanding cock? Or do you just need to fuck her and play BDSM video games along with her later.

Whatever your wishes, this is your BDSM party. These are your willing girls prisoners in chains. You get to decide their torture, you get to determine when and how they’re fucked in chains. Keep your sex slaves in bondage to your bondage dungeon, they will serve you obediently, they may let you play your BDSM games with them.


  1. An instrument with a long bendy hanging surface used for corporal punishment; placing with such an implement.
  2. Whipping: binding the ends of a cut length of rope to prevent fraying.

Whipping Your Slave
In medieval times, a simple upright post with cuffs connected to which offenders had been mounted for public whippings. Reproductions are once in a while discovered these days as items of bondage furniture. Crosses, Stocks, and Posts

Want to experience bondage parties and real life fetish events? If so try and peruse the Guide To Fetish Parties and BDSM Clubs for some interesting and informative walkthroughs of how to go about it.

Shadow Slaves

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