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Locked up and teased by Carmen Valentina

November 24th, 2023

You have been a naughty boy, spending all of your time jerking off to Carmen Valentina’s filthy porn. Your obsession and dedication to stroking that hard cock needs to be stopped, so she’s come up with the perfect solution. Now, whenever she teases you mercilessly day after day, your penis will remain locked in chastity in this very cage. Does it turn you on when she fondles your balls? She knows it does; it drives you wild knowing your throbbing cock is restricted within the confines of this plastic prison. It fits perfectly, doesn’t it? Do you like being held hostage in there? Carmen can feel your desperate attempts to become aroused as your dick presses against its locked confines. How pathetic of you!

Carmen Valentina locks you in POV chastity on Domination 4K

Carmen’s eyes gleamed as she pulled out her key ring. She sauntered forward with an air of dominance, dangling the shiny bronze key precariously in front of you. It was almost like a sick game to her; she brushed it lightly across your face before yanking it away, then repeating the process over and over. A shiver ran through your body every time the cold metal touched your skin, and you felt a low moan escape from between your lips as if it had no control over itself. You shifted uncomfortably against the clear plastic walls of this hellish torture chamber – you felt like you were going insane being locked up for days on end.

Carmen revels in the perverse pleasure of having you locked away, with your cock encased in chastity. She savors every moment having you under her thumb and hopes to never let you go. Each day, she torments you further as she tantalizes your most sensitive areas, knowing that no matter how hard you might get, there will be no release.

The dominatrix delights in watching your ecstatic yet agonizing reactions as she plays with your balls. You can feel each stroke of her fingernails lightly tracing circles around them – a sensation so pleasurable yet painful. All the while the chastity device controls your cock’s movement, its clear plastic shell giving Carmen a full view of her handiwork.

Often during these sessions, Carmen will whisper stories of what might happen if she ever chose to unlock your cage. Visions of her tying you to the bed and riding your rigid, throbbing member fill your mind with an overwhelming mix of desire and fear. This thought alone is often enough to bring pain in addition to pleasure; a rare form of exquisite torture which Carmen has grown quite fond of over time.

Soon the session comes to an end, much too soon for your liking. Carmen stands up reminds you that despite all that has transpired between the two of you, she still remains in complete control. An emotional rush overwhelms you as reality sinks in – you may be trapped inside a tiny device made from plastic but for Carmen, this is just another moment in her dominion over you. Days, months and even years may pass by without any indication that anything will change – all the while having your cock held tightly captive by her forbidden desires!

Enjoy Carmen Valentina locking you in POV chastity only on Domination 4K!

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