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Eat your cum off Maya’s spoon

June 21st, 2024

Maya Sinstress is a woman who knows what she wants, and right now, that’s to watch you jerk off and eat your own cum. As she sits across from you, her eyes fixated on your body, she can feel the arousal building within her. She has always been turned on by men who are willing to indulge in their dirtiest desires.

“Come on,” she purrs seductively, “I want to see you touch yourself.” Her voice is like honey, sweet and sticky, but with a hint of something darker lurking beneath the surface. You can feel yourself getting harder as she speaks, her words enticing you further.

You follow her instructions, your hand moving up and down your rapidly hardening shaft as Maya watches with a hunger in her eyes. She loves being in control, loves watching men succumb to her desires. And right now, she desires to watch you eat your own cum.

“You know what turns me on even more?” she asks with a wicked grin. “When I get to spoon feed it to you with this metal gag in your mouth.” Her fingers trail over the cold metal device that she holds in her hand, causing a shiver of anticipation deep in your perverted soul.

“I want to turn you into my little cum eater,” Maya whispers, leaning closer to you. “It’s so hot to watch men eat all of their loads, to be so dirty.” Your breath catches at her words, knowing that she wants you to fully embrace this kink.

Without hesitation, Maya places the metal gag in your mouth and cranks it open so wide that you can’t close it. The position leaves you feeling vulnerable and exposed, but it only adds to the excitement coursing through your veins.

Reaching for a spoon, Maya smiles as she admires its size. “Look how big this spoon is,” she says saucily. “I’m expecting you to have just such a massive load.” Her words are like a challenge, daring you to live up to her expectations.

As you continue to jerk off, Maya leans in even closer, her breath hot against your neck. “I want you to embrace this,” she whispers in your ear. “Be my little cum eater.”

With one final stroke, you reach your climax and watch as your cum lands on the spoon held by Maya. She brings it to your mouth, and with the gag still keeping your mouth open, she slowly feeds it to you. The taste is salty and slightly bitter, but it only makes you more aroused.

“Good boy,” Maya praises as she watches you eagerly swallow every last drop of your own cum. “You’re such a dirty little thing, and I love it.”

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Kendra Lynn makes you eat cum

March 5th, 2024

Today was the day. The day that Kendra Lynn had been waiting for, fantasizing about, and planning meticulously for months. Today, she would finally have her little bitch under her complete control, and she couldn’t wait to see the look of submission and desperation in your eyes. What you didn’t know was that Kendra Lynn loves cum eating instruction, and you were about to be at her mercy.

As soon as you entered her home, Kendra could feel the electricity in the air. She could practically taste your fear and excitement, and it only fueled her desire more. With a wicked grin on her lips, she turned to face you, knowing that you were already trembling at her feet.

“You’re gonna be my little fucking bitch today,” she purred, stepping closer to you until your faces were only inches apart. “And you’re gonna love every second of it.”

Your breath hitched at her words, and Kendra relished in your vulnerability. She loved the power she held over you, the way you would do anything she asked just for a taste of her attention.

“I need you to be my little slave bitch,” she continued, trailing a finger down your chest before grabbing onto your collar and pulling you towards her. “And I’m gonna force you to be that.”

You whimpered slightly but didn’t resist as Kendra maneuvered you into position, positioning you once again on your knees in front of her. She towered above you like a femdom goddess, reveling in the feeling of complete control.

“Now,” she said with a devilish smirk. “I want you to jerk off your cock for me.”

Without hesitation, you began stroking your cock at Kendra’s command. You knew better than to question or disobey her orders. As you reached closer and closer to climax, Kendra stepped back slightly, watching with a predatory gleam in her eyes.

“And then,” she added in an almost sing-song voice. “You’re gonna fucking open your hand right before you bust that load…and put it right there.”

She pointed to your outstretched palm, and you knew exactly what to do. With a shuddering moan, you followed Kendra’s instructions and came into your hand. But that wasn’t the end of it.

“Now,” she said, forcing you to hold up your cum-covered hand to your lips. “You’re gonna take that hand and lick it all up for me.”

Your eyes widened at the command, but once again, you didn’t dare disobey. You leaned forward hesitantly and began to eat your own cum off of your hand, under Kendra’s watchful gaze.

“Good little bitch,” she praised with a smirk as you licked every inch of your hand clean. “Such a good little cock whore.”

As you finished cleaning your hand, Kendra couldn’t resist any longer. She pressed her lips against yours in a fierce kiss, tasting both your jizz and her domination over you. You kissed back eagerly, desperate for more of her control and attention.

“I want you to lick those lips now,” she whispered against your mouth before pulling away slightly. “And tell me how good that cum was.”

You obeyed without hesitation, licking your lips sensually as you looked up at Kendra with adoration and need in your eyes.

“You little fucking faggot,” she said with a laugh, running a hand through your hair possessively. “You are mine to use as I please!”

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