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Mature Stinging Nettle BDSM

July 24th, 2020

Painsluts Erotic Torture

Mature Stinging Nettle BDSM

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Mature Painslut Jays Stinging Nettle BDSM and breast bondage of experienced lifestyle submissive in dungeon punishments with Master Magick

Shadow Slaves
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It is difficult for me to move, due to the restraints around the ankles of mine, as I shuffle the bare legs of mine into the space of yours. Irritated I’m moving extremely slowly, you tug on the leash connected to the collar around the neck of mine. My fingers are cuffed tightly behind the back of mine, and I’m naked.

“Hurry up, my naked small slut!” you order, as you go up to me and slap me tough across a single ass cheek. Your room has been fitted with a fresh contraption for the pleasure of ours. Hanging down from the ceiling are 2 heavy ropes with leather lined restraints connected at the conclusion of them. The restraints hang aproximatelly a foot from the ceiling and are about four feet apart. A matching set of restraints are connected to the floor underneath the hanging ones. I ask you what they are for. You smile as well as inform me, “You’ll learn in no time, my little slave.” Now I buy you down on your knees.” I kneel, spreading my knees wide apart and bowing my head submissively. Looking up at you and smiling timidly, “Master, I say, I’m the servant of yours. I am going to do something to satisfy you.” “Stand up and also switch around,” you order. As I stand up, you move better and suddenly spank my ass cheek quite difficult, causing me to hiss.

“That’s to have the attention of yours, slut!” you say. You use the restraints off of my ankles and wrists, and also order me turning back around. My breasts jiggle erotically as I turn around to you have. My face blushes red with embarrassment, as you visually check out the nude body of mine, taking note of the breasts of mine, my legs, my navel, moreover specifically my now wet and entirely shaved pussy. You buy me to increase the hands of mine in the air and also stand up on my tip toes as I stretch and also switch the body of mine, indicating you every inch of the naked form of mine. You are able to tell I like being naked in your presence. “Play with yourself, slave. Show me such a horny, little slut you are,” you order. My nipples are definitely very vulnerable and I gasp softly as I reach up and pinch them. Playing with my tits, I gradually start grinding stretch, and my hips and also twist my naked body. “On the floor, whore,” You order. I sit down as well as lean back on each elbows and distribute my legs wide open as wide as I actually can, exposing the sleek of mine, shaved cunt to you.

It is straightforward to find out I are left turned on, as the wetness of my pussy lips glistens noticeably. With one of the hands of mine I achieve between the legs of mine and slowly bring one finger up the middle slit of the pussy of mine, as I increase the eyes of mine and stare contemptuously at you. For the next several minutes, I put on quite a show, as I take a look at and probe the folds of my pussy mouth with my gasping, moaning, and fingers loudly the entire time. Except for my moaning, it’s really quiet, and also you are able to audibly hear the audio being produced as I finger fuck my rather wet pussy. I check out at you expectantly, my eyes pleading for the approval to proceed onto another phase. You recognize exactly how poorly I desire to make myself cum, though I understand that serious punishment awaits me in case I’ve an orgasm without your specific consent first. You nod the head of yours, and I smile contentedly as my focus returns to between the legs of mine. Drawing 1 long nailed finger up my cunt, my body shudders as I gently touch my clit. The amount of my moaning escalates noticeably, as I gradually stroke my exposed clit. Suddenly, my eyes roll again in the mind of mine, the entire body of mine begins to convulse, and my breath slows, as the very first in a number of orgasms of increasing intensity explodes inside of me. My moans turn into screams as I cum again and again. My entire body is bathed in sweat, so that as I start to restore the feelings of mine, I once again check out at you.

My gaze techniques from the eyes of yours, down the body of yours, to between the legs of yours. Hoarsely, I whisper,”PLEASE!!!” You understand I would like your cock quite badly, and you laugh. It amuses you to see me beg. You know that I’ll gladly perform any obscene action you are able to imagine, in case you’d only fuck me right this moment. You buy me also on the knees of mine as you stand before me and undress. As you eliminate the pants of yours, your cock springs out inches from the experience of mine. My eyes grow wide as I intently analyze your hard cock. You are able to tell I need it as I move my face towards you. You back up one step and tell me to stop. “If you would like the cock of mine, you’ve to beg for it, slut.” you say.

After I plead for some time to draw the cock of yours, you give in and tell me going forward. I start nuzzling my face against the cock of yours and softly moaning. Now licking all around the toes of yours and also the shaft of the cock of yours, You think my tongue exploring each and every inch of your respective cock. Working my way up, I hungrily glide the cock of yours into my warm, very soft, wet mouth and suck on you. You reach down and also find a fist of hair on the rear of the mind of mine, forcing the cock of yours into the mouth of mine. You are able to really feel my tongue swirling all around the engorged head of the cock of yours. You see me looking up at you, to ensure you approve of things I’m performing. It can feel therefore good sliding you around in the mouth of mine, though You do not wish to cum to soon, so you purchase me to quit after a couple of minutes. Your cock gradually slides from the mouth of mine, and also my eyes look up at you pathetically, wanting more. You reach down and and drive me on the floor onto my back.”Show me your cunt, slut!”, you order.

Hesitantly and slowly, I spread my legs open wide again,showing you that my naked pussy belongs to you when you need it. You bend down to probe around my cunt with your eyes & hands, analyzing it in extremely excellent detail. I’m very slippery and damp, You are able to tell I like showing you the nude body of mine. You about take me by the arm, position me set up, and also lead me with the restraints. You take the arms of mine and strap every wrist into among the hanging leather restraints. They are only a bit too much for me, causing me to stretch, revealing the rib cage of mine and also pushing the chest of mine to stick out. My arms are spread wide. You bend down to my strap and lower legs them to the floor restraints, spreading my thighs and legs wide open, forcing me to remain on my tip toes. You stand then and back stroll around me and gaze at the nude body of mine from every angle, spread eagle for the enjoyment of yours.

I’m not uncomfortable, but I can’t go, as I’m properly restrained. Suddenly, You slap one side of my ass quite difficult, causing me to gasp, and also making a red handprint on the cheek of mine. You lean near me and whisper in the ear of mine, “That’s a warning my small slave. You do what you are told,or you are going to be severly punished!” you sternly say. Going around to my leading, you stand there and stroke your nevertheless hard cock while I view fascinated. You go up to me until we’re face to face. I whimper, “Please allow me to suck the cock of yours once again, Sir. I should believe you in my mouth again.” You glance in the eyes of mine as you roughly rub your hands down the front side of the naked body of mine, stopping to pinch my nipples hard, and then right down to my belly button, and on down to my shaved cunt. You gradually slide one finger, subsequently 2 hands, inside of me as we never drop eye contact.

I move my hips forward slightly as my pussy invites the hands of yours going much deeper. You say, “You little cunt. I know everything you want.” You remove a blind fold and connect it firmly around the head of mine. You observe a bead of sweat run down the forehead of mine as I recognize I’m totally powerless, and have absolutely no concept what you are going to do next. You exit the room for one second and go back with a heavy ten inch dildo, which I can’t see. “Do you still want it?” You ask. I reply timidly, Sir, “Yes. I’m your slave.” My breath is getting faster while you kneel down before me, my cunt wide open, in from the experience of yours.

You gently run the head of the big dildo across the center slit of the pussy of mine. My cunt is very wet, you are able to see it glistening. I gasp slightly, and also attempt to rock my hips back and forward. You slowly glide the dildo, inch by inch, up inside of my restricted, wet pussy. You are able to observe my shiny, wet pussy lips spread and wrap around the heavy dildo. My swollen clit begging being licked. My entire body starts to buck as you slide the dildo in place and down inside of me, getting quicker and quicker. I’m moaning loudly today and my breathing is incredibly rapid. My entire body is sweating profusely plus I beg you to fuck me. My entire body rises more as my muscles tighten, and also my feet are distributed on the floor as I attempt to push up with them. With the free hand of yours, you meet up and touch my stroke and clit it carefully with one finger.

Today, you lean lightly and forward lick my clit with the tongue of yours. Suddenly, my body jerks and also I stop breathing as a large orgasm overwhelms me. I shake for seconds as I cum again and again. As you slow down and my breath returns to regular, you quite slowly glide the heavy dildo from the pussy of mine. I blow away an exhausted sigh and also breath as my entire body slumps contrary to the restraints. As you untie the restraints of mine, my entire body slumps into the arms of yours, exhausted. You place me over the bed on the back of mine, plus distribute my legs open wide. Your cock is difficult as you stare at the sleek of mine, bare pussy and also the difficult, erect nipples on my tits. You lay down in addition to me and I dreamily smile up at you. As you gradually put in the top of the cock of yours into my cunt, I involuntarily raise the hips of mine up to greet you.

My hands reach around & get The ass of yours and take it towards me, as my nails dig into you. I opened my legs wide as the duration of your respective cock slides inside of me, and also I get the second wind of mine. I start off moaning as I buck the hips of mine in place as well as down, fucking you ferociously. I really feel the sides of the shaft of your respective cock spreading apart my internal pussy mouth while you slide in and from me. We anomalistically grunt as we grind people together violently. Bathed in sweat, we both suddenly shake uncontrollably and explode in simultaneous orgasm. Our bodies spasm uncontrollably for some time until we decelerate and regain the senses of ours. You consider me and also my eyes are slightly open and my breath is shallow. I appear to be as in the case I’m rarely aware as you slide off of me and roll me over on the side of mine, as you cover your arms around me and we sleep together.

Want to experience bondage parties and real life fetish events? If so try and peruse the Guide To Fetish Parties and BDSM Clubs for some interesting and informative walkthroughs of how to go about it.

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Subhuman BBW Painslut

February 15th, 2017

Presented by: The Pain Files – Extreme BDSM Videos and Pain Movies
Prisoner BDSM
Extreme Punishments – Needle Pain – Electro Torments – Severe Caning

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Subhuman bbw painslut Andrea amateur bdsm and punishment to tears of experienced lifestyle masochist covered in clothespegs and sexually tormented by her sadistic master. Crying bbw slave girl in hardcore pain and punishment with amateur fatty slaveslut in painslut threshold testing by her dominant master

Subhuman BBW Painslut



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Torture Rack Bondage

February 5th, 2016

Tattooed amateur slaves torture rack bondage in extreme piercing tit torments and big breast whipping on the stretchbank of horror for private masochist Tiny in the dungeon with The Pain Files.

Tiny is strapped down and stretched on the torture rack for needle torture, hellpain tit whipping and breast caning. Moans of pain and tearful eyes follow the extreme bdsm session on the dungeon stretchbank for slave girl Tiny as her tits are whipped and nipples pierced. The strict bondage of Tiny renders her entirely helpless and exposed to her tortures by The Pain Files – Join BDSM VIP CLUB


Torture Rack Bondage

Inked novice slaves torment rack servitude in extraordinary penetrating tit torments and huge bosom whipping on the stretchbank of ghastliness for private masochist Tiny in the prison. Small is strapped down and extended on the torment rack for needle torment, hellpain tit whipping and bosom caning at

Groans of agony and sad eyes take after the outrageous bdsm session on the prison stretchbank for  slave lady Tiny as her tits are whipped and areolas penetrated by The Pain Files. The strict subjugation of Tiny renders her totally vulnerable and presented to her torments

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Spanked Mature Slave

July 14th, 2014

Painsluts Erotic Torture

Spanked Mature Slave

Shadow Slaves
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Amateur Painslut Kitty Whipped and private bdsm dungeon session of mature submissive in stockings and lingerie getting tied up and punished

Shadow Slaves
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Faces of Pain Feature

May 16th, 2011

In clinical terms agony is measured utilizing a Faces of Pain scale which is a progression of countenances from 0 to 5 – and a similar estimation could be utilized as a part of BD/SM world while looking at the incalculable varieties of demeanors of torment on the substance of a masochist in discipline.

Some lean toward effect and the genuine activity of the execute used to torment the slave young lady, however definitely the activity is trailed by a response – and in situations where the activity causes the masochist torment, the response will undoubtedly be a response communicating the torment. The quality and kind of response to torment changes from individual to individual, from circumstance to circumstance and with the sort of agony incurred.

Faces of Pain Feature
Faces of Pain 1 – Slavegirls in Agony, Screaming and pained faces galore
Faces of Pain 2 – See the pain and suffering of female faces of pain

Female Faces of Pain

Female faces of pain, the beauty of agony. Now and again, the substance of torment may simply uncover itself as an unpretentious jerk and in others the substance of torment could be a totally bended face or a thundering shout. In this countenances of torment extraordinary we will look at the numerous ways torment conveys what needs be on the substance of a female slave young lady amid discipline with a decent measure of free faces of agony picture cases. Its the excellence of a face twisted in desolation, doing whatever it takes not to shout, giving the tears a chance to roll or shouting her take off. Clearly there is no right or extreme approach to express agony, as frequently is the situation the excellence is in the assorted qualities.

To the privilege is the principal case, english masochist and way of life slavegirl Nimue shouting in agony from an extraordinary pussy whipping discipline. Click her to see the full pic.


Torment slave Emma The cunt in pain Slavegirl Emmas appearances of torment. The english slavegirl tit tormented and mortified – and communicating two exceptionally particular appearances of agony. In the first place the battles obvious with the areola torments and demonstrates a mutilated face of distress. Thusly, she has floated profound into subspace and her magnificent articulation of agony is obviously blended with floaty joy

Oriental Kumimonster is for the most part popular for being the stunningly goodlooking model that is included in enormous obsession magazines, for example, Marquis Magazine and in front of an audience at various fixation parties with her marvelous asian servitude and suspension appears. Kumimonster does however likewise have some involvement with S&M and agony. For this situation her the uncovered asian slave is caught great tits and areolas are being tormented agonizingly – and Kumimonster doesnt fall flat to convey an exemplary face of pain. kumimonsters face of agony

Latin Painsluts Face of Pain

The latina face of agony of masochistic bd/sm slave young lady Luxx. The latin easygoing is fixing to a restorative seat and terminals appended to her areolas and pussy lips. You can perceive how she jerks from the torment of the electric stuns to her erogenous zones, while tears rundown her delightful latin face. Luxx is the kind of masochist who needs a test and an extreme measure of torment, and what better approach to challenge the slave than electro torment

Stunned torment slut Crocodille clamps Welsh interest pornstar and torment whore Crystel Lei has an unfathomably expressionate confront when in agony. In the principal painslut picture to one side you can read the immaculate dread, dread and agony according to the tormented and captured blonde masochist. In the second picture Crystel Lei has crocodille clips specifically on her areolas – and to exacerbates matters, the metal clasps are pulled and bent. It doesnt take a lot of a gander at her twisted face of torment to understand the level of agony created by the fantastically horrible crododille clips – the kind utilized as a part of concoction research facilities and utilized as they are on painslave Crystels poor areolas they will really dive profound into the skin and tear the tissue of the shouting slavegirls nipples…real torment and an uncommon appearance.

Crying torment slut Slavegirl Nimue is a way of life slavegirl with a fantastically high agony resilience and a similarly great craving for the most outrageous of disciplines. The english magnificence has persevered through facial needles, extraordinary canings, electro disciplines and numerous other extreme types of BD/SM torments and distinctively she can simply be gotten with fabulous articulations of torment amid her disciplines. For this situation we see a genuine face of franticness, torment and delight to one side, where the english masochist is tied, crying and in extraordinary sexual torment. To the correct she is in a medieval setting, dribbling and clearly battling not to shout through her muffle from the extreme whipping she is enduring. Drooling slavegirl

A blend of english bd/sm painslut Emily Sharpes many appearances of agony. The darkhaired slavegirl perseveres through an assortment of disciplines and conveys an even more extensive scope of scrumptious countenances of torment.

Slavegirl Emily Sharpe is seen shouting, crying and threatened by the agonizing disciplines she eagerly perseveres in the profound dim cells

Faces of Pain Feature
Faces of Pain 1 – Slavegirls in Agony, Screaming and pained faces galore
Faces of Pain 2 – See the pain and suffering of female faces of pain

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Painsluts – Ekstrem S/M og afstraffelse

September 16th, 2009

Painsluts på dansk – Smerte elskende slavinder i ekstrem S/M og afstraffelse

Slavetøser der elsker ekstrem smerte og erotisk tortur. Gratis S/M billedgallerier, S&M videoer og features om en række kvindelige slavetøser med appetit på smerte, S / M og afstraffelse – Se Painsluts – Ekstreme Slavetøser

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New Slave Girl Profile – Painslut M

September 15th, 2009

Pain Slut Feature: Slavegirl M

Slavegirl M is a couragious lifestyle slavegirl from Belgium with a commendable spirit for more or less all aspects of BDSM life. She is in a 24/7 relationship and you will see her in the many adventures such a relationship brings her through. See the profile here: New Slave Girl Profile – Painslut M

Needles and bastinado are among her all time favorites, and that of her Master obviously, but the experienced pain slut M has endured more or less any and all forms of erotic torture in the books. She has been whipped severely, caned, has electro shocks trough needles, been branded with hot irons and a wide variety of other things by her sadistically loving master..

New Slave Girl Profile – Painslut M

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Painslut China

May 15th, 2008

Slavegirl China is a 34year old resigned, who has as of late entered the universe of BDSM with a tremendous hunger for experimenting with every one of the parts of joy and agony. China has as of now got an abnormal state of acquiescence what’s more, torment resilience, however she is excited to be pushed encourage – See the Painslut China feature.

Being a genuine masochist slave lady China aches for agony and mortification, and appreciates staggeringly extraordinary S/M sessions and brutal disciplines with play penetrating needles, electro stun torments and savage whipping.

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Needle BDSM

April 15th, 2007

Belgian needle bdsm at The Pain Files and extreme female torture of amateur slave girl Melissa in hardcore foot punishments and nipple piercing pain. Needle in feet. Pierced nipples. Extreme bedroom bondage. Melissa is a true painslut and masochist craving pain and tortures. She is given a handful. Sharp needles directly through nipples and into feet

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Ginas Mature Sadomasochism

December 15th, 2006

Busty amateur bdsm and mature sadomasochism of private submissive Gina in hardcore tit torments and pussy clamped pain. A personal video story of the english masochist Gina on a painful adventure of private bdsm from: The Pain Files

Amateur slavegirl Gina in private BDSM videos of her pussy tortures and nipple punishments.

[KGVID width=”452″ height=”300″][/KGVID]

Mature Sadomasochism

Mature sadomasochism of amateur slave Gina. The punishments of the british slaveslut are concluded with the lifting of iron prisonballs and spiteful stinging nettle torments.

Busty amateur bdsm and mature sadomasochism of private submissive Gina in hardcore tit torments and pussy clamped pain. A personal video story of the english masochist Gina on a painful adventure of private bdsm

Busty amateur bdsm and mature sadomasochism of private submissive Gina in hardcore tit torments and pussy clamped pain published by Exclusive BDSM Films with sexy enslaved mum Gina. Cruel bondage, domination and kinky fetishes in private BDSM footage of slave Gina.


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