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Erotic Ts Escorts

April 20th, 2021

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Maria and Her Dom – Part 2

April 1st, 2021

“Maria, which was lovely,” she noticed her Dom say. “There are actually a few points left to add before we take something away.” She was confused, not being aware of what he might mean. She felt slender fingers dancing over the soaked lips of her. Gradually they invaded her, managing to brush past the clit of her.

“Hmmmm, she is soaked, David. And her clit is actually getting really hard,” another female voice said. The fingers moved slowly in and out of her, causing the hips of her to immediately grind down on them. She noticed the wosh of air as a hand swatted the ass of her. She bit down on the gag, relishing the pain.

“Not yet, slut. No, certainly not even. Mistress Katrina is just warming you up.” The fingers pulled out, a lot to the heated disappointment of her. Then she experienced a medium sized vibrator thrusted in the place of theirs. She arched againist the bonds of her, screaming below the gag. It was switched on low, the vibrations stirring the base instincts of her. The slender fingers went to focus on the clitoris of her, rubbing, pinching, flicking it until it was rock hard. One other set of hands, rougher, larger, began performing exactly the same to the nipples of her. She rocked against the vibrator, just to feel the hand across her bottom once again. As the nipples of her and clit grew more and harder erect, she felt clamps simultaneously bite down. She screamed once again. She experienced the chain connecting the 3 clamps against the blank flesh of the belly of her. Someone hooked the band in the clamp chain to the ring in the collar of her. If she had been moving the head of her back, the clamps would pull, causing brutal pain to shoot through the body of her. She next felt the arms of her and legs currently being stretched further as the chains were tighened. She experienced her feet start lifting through the floor, until just the feet of her were touching the ground.

“She looks extremely gorgeous, David,” she noticed a gentleman say. She did not understand how she looked. On tiptoe, hooded, gagged, suspended spread eagle, a vibrator in her quivering in, clamped, and vagina white. She experienced a hand caress the bare bottom of her and then move up the back of her. The fingers touched the wings of her, she felt comfort for a short time. In that case she felt icy metal, small steel following the hand. It’d to become a knife. They intended to cut off the wings of her. She attempted to protest, but the moment she shook the head of her, pain seared from the clamps being pulled.
“Fallen angels don’t have wings,” her Dom whispered to her. “You,” he hissed, “do not deserve the wings of yours, slut.” She experienced the knife slice through the thin leather straps. He did it gradually, making her suffer for the pain of the loss. She whimpered throughout the gag. He sliced the next strap and she screamed when the wings fell to the floor. Although these were simply a prop, she genuinely felt she’d lost an appendege. She trembled, struggling to keep the neck of her from pulling the clamps. “It is actually time this fallen angel, this particular slut be punished for what she’s done.” The vibrator was switched up to medium, sending her into uncontrolable quaking. She squeezed it tight, moaning. She knew she couldn’t orgasm, regardless of exactly how badly she needed until. She’d to hold back until her Dom allowed her that privlege.

She felt cool leather of a flogger being run along the back of her, where the wings of her had been. She cried out once again, though the gag, sadly silenced her cries for the lost wings of her. The very first stroke lashed at the back of her, forcefully pushing her forward. She swayed for a short time, then the subsequent stroke hit. She screamed with each blow, moving with it. After 10 lashes and feeling the welts rising on the pink flesh of her, they quit for a short time. She heard whispering as well as the chains lowering her to the floor. The wrists of her were freed, her arms rubbed for a short time, and her ankles released. She needed to crumple to the ground, but did not have such an opportunity. The wrists of her were roughly pulled in front of her and she was dragged 5 steps across the room. She experienced a hand on each wrist, pulling the arms of her up and apart once again. She heard locks closing this time and immediately screamed. A swat on the unmarked bottom of her, silenced her fast. The legs of her had been moved apart as well as the ankles again secured, locked into position. She was locked right into a X frame. They weren’t finished preparing her for the following round. The hood she used had a band in the top which they slipped a chain through and was connected to the ceiling, rendering the head immobile of her. A heavy leather strap was placed at her lower back, pushing her chest and torso tightly againist the solid wood frame. She wiggled, trying to give herself some resistence and room from the clamps, but found herself being held down even though the strap was firmly secured, locking the down of her.
This point she felt tiny, natural leather traced over the rear of the legs of her. She just knew it was a cat o’nine tails. She bit down on the gag, sucking it more difficult with each stroke. 10 strokes and the legs of her were on fire. She will have collapsed whether they had not bound her to the frame. Then was the bottom of her with a rigid leather-based flogger. She began to slip into the slave space of her, floating The pleasure and pain getting one. The welts covering her bottom, legs, and back. The vibrator humming away in the pussy of her.

“She’ s too quiet,” Maria, the red headed female said.

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