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BDSM Weekend in Paris – Part 1

May 8th, 2021

A weekend with the wife in a Paris BDSM hotel room for domination games with the wife.

His focus was interrupted. The amount on the Paris hotel room television had abruptly blared to life. On the display the diminutive type of the former Olympic star appeared. Another feminine products advertisement.’ Not in case she was mine’ he believed, reaching out and switching off of the racket.

Easing back into the seat he let his brain wander to the ideas which have been broken. The blowing wind rattled a branch against the window as a storm raged outside in the Paris streets.

A person will have thought nothing of the arena. An ordinary looking businessman inside the fancy Parisian boutique hotel room. Across the desktop pc, and also a tiny overnight case against the wall was dispersed by a few papers. A glance at the facial expressions of his would lead one to believe he was a bored male, patiently waiting for a company appointment that was running late. A peek inside the mind of his, nonetheless, would have shown a different story.

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He stood, and walked over to the big bed. Pulling a pillow out there from beneath the low hotel bedspread he place back, clasping the hands of his behind the head of his, and closed the eyes of his.

He noticed the sounds of the key in the lock, but didn’t take the eyes of his off the ceiling. Out of the space of the eye of his, he noticed her go into the kitchen, close the door, as well as secure it behind her. And then she stood quietly.

For minutes they stayed the right way. Neither moving, the one sounds being her progressively deep breathing. Lastly, he lowered his gaze, consuming the photograph on the female that had come to deliver him.

She wasn’t a tall female. Dressed in a camel overcoat to shield her from the weather conditions there is very little being noticed. Her hair style was a combination of light highlights, and heavy dusky brown closer to the mind of her. Tiny gold hoops hung from the ears of her. He might see her mouth were firmly set in place, devoid of interest or even emotion. Her eyes had been solidly set on the wall above the head of his, motionless.

Lastly, he broke the silence with one word.’ Disrobe’, he stated with a sound which wasn’t a request, but a command.

He watched as she looked about her. Positioned in the doorway there is absolutely nothing close to her to put the clean clothes of her on. He just knew she can think his eyes boring into her today. She just knew she need to obey.

Gradually, she unbuttoned the very expensive overcoat and then opened it. Sliding it from the shoulders of her she let it fall towards the floor. She wore a deep pink silk blouse, with a brightly colored scarf at the neck of her. A grey wool skirt fell just above the knee of her. Brightly polished leather boots given from her little feet up under the skirt of her.

Her fingers went to the neck of her, and also untied the scarf. As she pulled it out, as well as dropped it on the floor baring the neck of her. Around it he would likely see the slim black satin collar she wore. At the foundation of the throat of her, connected to the collar, was an ivory cameo. To the casual viewer this was a pleasant, Victorian, touch. On closer examination this carving was a few intertwined in the passions of lovemaking.

Thoroughly, she unbuttoned the blouse of her, allowing it to drop open as she moved on the very long row of small buttons. As the bottom was hit by her, and also shrugged the blouse on the floor he might see the glimmer through the small gold band in each nipple. As he watched, her nipples became totally erect. He might see the activity of the rings with every move she made.

Her fingers went on the edge or maybe the skirt of her, plus she bent slightly as the fastener was lowered by her. Standing erect she allowed the skirt of her to join the majority of the wardrobe of her on the floor.

As she stood there, quiet, he examined the entire body of her. A thin, attractive woman, healthy, though he could begin to see the sinew and also muscle under the gentle skin. This was a female prepared to satisfy her master’s virtually every wish.

He lowered his gaze, down across her little, but firm breasts, across her very soft, but more or less not perfect, stomach. Sticking to the series of her entire body his eyes rested upon her bare mons. Looking carefully, he can see she’d prepared herself really well. Not a trace of hair remained.

Continuing, he followed her well sculpted legs until they entered the tall natural leather boots.’ She will do’ was his only thought.

He turned the focus of his away from her, giving her standing amidst her clothing. Picking up the remote, he switched the tv back on, plus tuned in a cable news program.
‘Topping todays newscast’, droned the newscaster,’heavy rains have caused minor flooding issues in the nations Capitol. And also on the sports scene…’. His attention wandering, he had taken in the items in the home once again. She nonetheless stood there, silently.

He fixed his stare on her,’ Shower’, he commanded.

For the very first time since she’d completed undressing she moved. Rapidly, like fearing to anger him, she retreated to the bathroom. As light interest was paid by him to the most recent basketball scores he might audibly hear the water running highly from another space.

After a couple of minutes it stopped. She reentered the bedroom, a bath towel in a single hand. She returned to before the door, standing in the heap of her clothes. She stood, arms at the side of her, thighs and legs spread a little, waiting.

He rose out of the bed and walked over to her. Walking around her gradually he examined her. As he stood behind her, he put the hands of his on the shoulders of her. He might feel her shudder at the touch of his, telling him she was currently feverish with anticipation. With a frustrating slowness he relocated his hands gently down the back of her, describing the spine of her with a single finger of every hand. As he hit the buttocks of her, he rotated the hands of his, therefore his thumbs slide on the crease and his hands spread the cheeks of her wide.

He dropped to the hips of his and with probably the lightest of touches tasted inside the thighs of her. Allowing the trail of his of dampness to move upwards he started meeting the moistness of her. Her taste was warm and sweet on the mouth of his. He might feel the tension in the body of her from the touches of his, therefore he withdrew.

Positioned straight before her, the back of his into the foundation, he uttered’ undress me’. For the very first time she spoke. Her eyes lowered on the floor as she answered’ Yes, Master.’

This wasn’t their very first time together, and also she knew just how to proceed. She hit up, maintaining her eyes cast downward, She loosened the tie around the neck of his. Removing it, she thoroughly folded it as well as placed it nicely on the dresser. Delicately, she unbuttoned the cuffs of the shirt of his and removed the watch of his. This she placed alongside the tie. She returned and demurely unfastened the big buttons down the front side of the shirt of his. Walking behind him, she removed it from the shoulders of his. This she had taken across the area, and meticulously organized over a hanger in the closet.

When she returned, she knelt before him. Placing the arms of her behind the back of her she leaned forward and also grasped the leather of the belt of his between the teeth of her. Cleverly, she pulled the strap totally free, plus uncoupled it from the teeth in the buckle. She then brought the arms of her away as well as, reaching down, removed the shoes of his. The shoes went on the front side of the closet, nicely organized. Next each sock was removed by her, 1 at a time. After each, she straightened and, neatly folding it, placed it across the rear of every shoe.

At last he stood, just in the jeans of his. She knelt, once again, before him and very carefully undid the clasp at the waist. The gradually decreasing the zipper she lowered the fabric. Using a single hand to help make certain not one of the floor was touched by it she eased every legs down over the feet of his and off. Lastly, she hung these, with attention, in the closet and also back.

While she’d been hanging the pants up, dressed just in a bright green bikini brief, he’d returned to the bedside chair. Sitting back he watched her as she returned.

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Maria and her Dom – Pt3

May 1st, 2021

“It’s time,” said the unknown gentleman’s voice. Hands covered the entire body of her as she was launched from the frame work fast. She experienced someone pick her up and carry her to a kitchen table. The arms of her had been secured together, above the head of her as well as to the bottom part of the table. The clamps were slowly eliminated and she screamed when the blood flooded back again to the places. She needed to orgasm so badly, however, she could not not disappoint the Dom of her. The legs of her had been spread apart and secured to the kitchen table. The hood was eliminated, though she noticed the Dom whisper of her, “Do not open the eyes of yours, slut.” The moment the hood was gone a blindfold took it is place. The gag was eliminated and she gasped for breath. She needed to scream, she needed to cry, though she felt lips hungerly kissing hers. She melted into the owners mouth, and let the tongue dance of her with theirs. As the lips pulled away she experienced a ball gag being pressured into the mouth of her and locked behind the head of her. Lastly, the vibrator was pulled out of the pussy of her, gleaming with the wetness of her.

“She is ours these days. This fallen angel which was crashed into the hell of ours. This divine slut. Take her. Make the cry of her to the heavens in the orgasms she was so craving to have. The very reason that she fell to hell,” she noticed her Dom say in a grave tone of voice. She experienced the very first one slam into her causing her to arch the back of her; lifting the body of her off of the table. The back of her was on fire against the leather of the table. The welts burned, as she couldn’t help but sweat. She noticed the female whispering in close proximity to her.

“We are letting the males have the way of theirs along with you, slut, though we are going to enjoy the body of yours in some other ways.” She experienced the the very first drip from a slice of ice land on the throbbing nipple of her. She writhed in the bonds of her, wishing the ice was cooling her marks from the whips. She felt their warm, soft tongues lap the cold water from the flesh of her. The ice was rubbed on the nipples of her, the aeriolas and the firm breasts of her. Next she caught a faint scent. The familar scent of melting wax. The very first drop splashed across the left breast of her. She bucked wildly. Hands held the down of her at the shoulders. “Stay still, slut, we do not wish to harm you,” Mistress Katrina ordered, then added, “much.” The wax fell faster, instantly scolding, then cooling and covering the skin of her. She screamed as the very first orgasm rolled. The gentleman was slamming into her. He was great, significantly bigger compared to the Dom of her. She squeezed and released again and again, milking him to orgasm. She attempted to concentrate on this by yourself, though the ladies continued to ice, wax, take out the wax and start all over once again. She was in overstimulus mode and needed to scream for peace.

The gentleman exploded inside of her and eliminated himself from her aching vagina. She gasped for air flow with the gag, the chest heving of her. The following one quickly slid the way of his in her soaking pussy. He came fast, though he needed her to orgasm. He pulled out of her as well as inserted one, then two,three, 4 and then the whole fist of his in her. With the other hand he rubbed and roughly pinched the clit of her. She attempted to squirm from him, though it was ineffective. She arrived on the hand of his as he fisted her. She noticed him chuckle, as he pulled the hand of his out of deep inside her. Just before he left her, he flicked the clit of her rapidly and she moaned as another orgasm escaped her. This continued for what seemed as hours to her. The 2 females continued on the savagely tortured breasts of her while, penis after hard penis was shoved into her. She felt she was going to be torn into pieces. Tears followed down the face of her from behind the blindfold. The Dom of her had never had her subjected to a lot in a single evening. She experienced broken. Her body aching and trembling. The orgasms coming at the simple touch of the clitoris of her.

“Remove the gag of her, please, Mistress Maria,” she noticed the Dom request of her of the red headed woman. “I want to hear the scream of her for me.” The ball gag was pulled from the mouth of her. She gulped in great lungfuls of air. Next, rather than a scream or perhaps begs of mercy, she started to cry and whimper softly. She felt the hand of his on the cheek of her, the lips of his carefully kissing hers. “My angel, my slut,” he whispered. He entered her, the familar cock molding of his with the sensitive vagina of her. He thrust carefully in the beginning, but picked up speed, thrusting deeper and faster inside her. She screamed as she clinched him tight, pulling the deeper inside of her. She experienced the warmth of the orgasm shoot of his within her, as he collapsed in addition to her. He kissed the face of her, the neck of her and held her as close as the bonds of her will allow. She did not want him to leave, she wanted him close to her, but knew better.
“Marquis, remove her,” he shocked her by barking for the larger male. She experienced the restraints removed and she was sat up on the edge of the table. The blindfold remained. “Take the upstairs of her. I am going to take proper care of her in a moment.” Marquis, with the big arms of his, scooped her into the arms of his, exactly where she lay as a ragdoll. She trembled as he carried her from the home. She noticed her Dom’s voice as she was being taken away. “I hope you all enjoyed this evening. Next month, the friends of mine, we shall all meet again.”

A warm bath awaited her. Marquis lightly lowered her into the bathtub and ordered her to bath, but to not remove the blindfold of her. The body of her was limp, however, she relished the warmth of the water, the gentle fragrance of lavender and rose that filled the air and totally relaxed the soul of her. 10 mintues further along, as she lay on her Dom’s big bed, she noticed the door wide open and close. Footsteps followed. She felt his hand caress her marked body and she could not help but to whince at the pain. He removed the blindfold of her and she opened the eyes of her to the dimly lit bedroom. He was showered and wearing only a beautiful smile. He stroked her lovingly and said, “My treasure, the pet of mine, the angel of mine. You’ve made me very happy tonight.”

“Thank you, sir,” the voice of her was sleepy, nearly a whisper.

He pulled her close and held her in the most intiment of embraces. “In taking one to hell, I am hoping you’ve determined heaven.”

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