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The Love Of Pain Pleasure and pain is a common term in everyday language, but its still largely a taboo, that some people find specific sexual arousals through the pleasures of pain. Nonetheless, sexual arousal through the infliction of pain is far from just a trend of the times or some sort of myth.

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Methods of Inflicting Sexual Pain: The methods used by masters to inflict pain and punishment upon their masochistic female slavegirls is per definition more or less endless, as only the wicked imagination of twisted minds sets the boundaries.It is however worth mentioning a few popular methods of erotic torture used in a sadomasochistic context.

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Nipple Clamps
Breast Caning Painslut Needle Torture Humiliated Slave

Faces of Pain Special: Some prefer impact and the actual action of the implement used to torment the slave girl, but inevitably the action is followed by a reaction - and in cases where the action causes the masochist pain, the reaction is bound to be a reaction expressing the pain. The strength and type of reaction to pain varies from person to person, from situation to situation and with the type of pain inflicted.

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