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In clinical terms pain is measured using a Faces of Pain scale which is a series of faces from 0 to 5 - and the same measurement could be used in BD/SM world when examining the countless variations of expressions of pain on the face of a masochist in punishment. Some prefer impact and the actual action of the implement used to torment the slave girl, but inevitably the action is followed by a reaction - and in cases where the action causes the masochist pain, the reaction is bound to be a reaction expressing the pain. The strength and type of reaction to pain varies from person to person, from situation to situation and with the type of pain inflicted.

In some cases, the face of pain may just reveal itself as a subtle twitch and in others the face of pain could be a completely distorted face or a thundering scream. In this faces of pain special we will examine the many ways pain expresses itself on the face of a female slave girl during punishment with a good amount of free faces of pain picture examples. Its the beauty of a face distorted in agony, trying not to scream, letting the tears roll or screaming her head off. Obviously there is no correct or ultimate way to express pain, as often is the case the beauty is in the diversity.

To the right is the first example, british masochist and lifestyle slavegirl Nimue screaming in pain from an intense pussy whipping punishment. Click her to see the full pic.

Pain slut Nimue
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Faces of Pain Pictures
Pain slave Emma The cunt in pain Slavegirl Emmas faces of pain. The british slavegirl tit tormented and humiliated - and expressing two very distinctive faces of pain. First the struggles visible with the nipple torments and shows a distorted face of agony. Subsequently, she has drifted deep into subspace and her wonderful expression of pain is clearly mixed with floaty pleasure
Oriental Kumimonster is mostly famous for being the stunningly goodlooking model that is featured in big fetish magazines such as Marquis Magazine and on stage at numerous fetish parties with her spectacular asian bondage and suspension shows. Kumimonster does however also have some experience
with S&M and pain. In this case her the
bald asian slave is captured right as her
tits and nipples are being tormented
painfully - and Kumimonster doesnt fail
to deliver a classic face of pain.
kumimonsters face of pain

Latin painslut

The latina face of pain of masochistic bd/sm slave girl Luxx. The latin submissive is tied to a medical chair and electrodes attached to her nipples and pussy lips. You can see how she twitches from the pain of the electric shocks to her erogenous zones, whilst tears run down her beautiful latin face. Luxx is the type of masochist who needs a challenge and a severe amount of pain, and what better way to challenge the slave than electro pain

Shocked pain slut Crocodille clamps Welsh fetish pornstar and pain slut Crystel Lei has an incredibly expressionate face when in pain. In the first painslut picture to the left you can read the pure terror, fear and pain in the eyes of the tormented and collared blonde masochist. In the second picture Crystel Lei has crocodille clamps directly on her nipples - and to makes matters worse, the metal clamps are pulled and twisted. It doesnt take much of a look at her distorted face of pain to realise the level of pain caused by the incredibly vicious crododille clamps - the kind used in chemical laboratories and used as they are on painslave Crystels poor nipples they will actually dig deep into the skin and rip the flesh of the screaming slavegirls nipples...real pain and an extraordinary expression.
Crying pain slut Slavegirl Nimue is a lifestyle slavegirl with an incredibly high pain tolerance and an equally impressive appetite for the most extreme of punishments. The english beauty has endured facial needles, extreme canings, electro punishments and many other severe forms of BD/SM torments and characteristically she can always be caught with fantastic expressions of pain during her punishments. In this case we see a true face of desperation, pain and pleasure to the left, where the english masochist is tied, crying and in extreme erotic torture. To the right she is in a medieval setting, drooling and obviously struggling not to scream through her gag from the severe whipping she is enduring. Drooling slavegirl

A potpourri of british bd/sm painslut Emily Sharpes many faces of pain. The darkhaired slavegirl endures a variety of punishments and delivers an even wider range of delicious faces of pain.

Slavegirl Emily Sharpe is seen screaming, crying and terrorized by the painful punishments she willingly endures in the deep dark dungeons

Emily Sharpes Pussy Pain Crying painslut Tit torture terrorized slavegirl
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