December 13th, 2016
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  • BDSM Weekend in Paris – Part 3
    Pointing towards the bed he silently told her’ Lie down with your back’. When she’d, he hit back into the bag and withdrew an assortment of ropes. Working quietly, he had taken 4 long lengths and ran them under the foundation. 2 running top to bottom at the outside edges, and also 2 operating across … Read more
  • BDSM Weekend in Paris – Part 2
    Reaching down he opened the little overnight case near him. From it, he had taken a really light silver chain, and a pair of handcuffs.. With a nearly invisible motion of the hand of his she came forward and prostrated herself at the legs of his. He reached down and also attached one tail end … Read more
  • BDSM Weekend in Paris – Part 1
    A weekend with the wife in a Paris BDSM hotel room for domination games with the wife. His focus was interrupted. The amount on the Paris hotel room television had abruptly blared to life. On the display the diminutive type of the former Olympic star appeared. Another feminine products advertisement.’ Not in case she was … Read more
  • Maria and her Dom – Pt3
    “It’s time,” said the unknown gentleman’s voice. Hands covered the entire body of her as she was launched from the frame work fast. She experienced someone pick her up and carry her to a kitchen table. The arms of her had been secured together, above the head of her as well as to the bottom … Read more
  • Erotic Ts Escorts
    This is where you will find erotic London ts escorts. Internet made it easy way to search the best transsexuals escorts in London Transsexuals are widely preferred by the clients who loves that unlimited experience and those clients who loves to sex constantly on London trans girls. Expect the best Looking Ts escort listings possible … Read more
  • Maria and Her Dom – Part 2
    “Maria, which was lovely,” she noticed her Dom say. “There are actually a few points left to add before we take something away.” She was confused, not being aware of what he might mean. She felt slender fingers dancing over the soaked lips of her. Gradually they invaded her, managing to brush past the clit … Read more
  • Maria and Her Dom – Part 1
    She stood before the mirror, stunned at the sight she beheld. He lingered behind her. He was dressed sharply in all black; silk shirt, silk tie, shiny shoes and dress pants. Tonight was yet another one of her Dom’s infamous parties. Tonight he’d something remarkable planned. She was mesmerised at the appearence of her. She … Read more
  • Bondage Babe Whipped
    Painsluts Erotic Torture Bondage Babe Whipped Shadow SlavesExclusive BDSM Movies Chaos Tied and Whipped To Tears in bondage cross domination Shadow SlavesBD & S/M Films Shadow Slaves
  • Milf in Stockings Spanked
    Painsluts Erotic Torture Milf in Stockings Spanked Shadow SlavesExclusive BDSM Movies Amateur Painslut Kitty Whipped and private bdsm dungeon session of mature submissive in stockings and lingerie getting tied up and punished Shadow SlavesBD & S/M Films The horny milf is tied, whipped and punished inside the dungeon. Lifestyle beginner BDSM slave female Kitty is … Read more
  • Amateur Slave Jay
    Painsluts Erotic Torture Amateur Slave Jay Shadow SlavesExclusive BDSM Movies Mature Painslut Jays Stinging Nettle BDSM and breast bondage Shadow SlavesBD & S/M Films Shadow Slaves
  • Amateurs Lesbian BDSM
    Painsluts Erotic Torture Amateurs Lesbian BDSM Shadow SlavesExclusive BDSM Movies Amateurs Lesbian BDSM and bbw spanking of redhead slave Alex in stockings by tall strict dominatrix. The Redhead Submissive You are taking me by the hand and also lead me right into an area I have never ever seen before. I am trembling a tad. … Read more
  • Pain And Pleasure – The Kinky World Of BDSM
    What Is BDSM All About? The world of BDSM, bondage and domination explained in detail. How to experiment with sadomasochist games. In the past couple of years, BDSM has become more popular than ever. In my personal opinion, it’s because people are living faster than ever and because stress levels are higher than ever before … Read more


S/M and Pain loving female slaves. Erotic Female Torture

Painsluts is your one-stop for pain craving S&M slavegirls. We feature free BDSM picture galleries. S&M Videos and information on a wide range of female slavegirls who has shown an outstanding appetite for pain and punishments. Being a pro BDSM model is no necessity to be featured at Painsluts. All you need is good and hard BDSM. Consensual torture or extreme punishment material in the form of BDSM movies, S/M pictures or well written S&M stories to be shared for free at Painsluts. The home of extreme masochist slavegirls.

Enjoy our special feature on faces of pain. The tears, the screams and the face distorted in the agony following a painful punishment. All shown in high resolution faces of pain pictures featuring real life slavegirls to their absolute outer limit and loving it

Inside you will find:
Slavegirl Listings including free torture galleries and BDSM videos
Faces of Pain – special feature on the facial expressions of pain
Japanese Bastinado – Asian BDSM and Foot Punishments
NEW Amateur BDSM Features – Kinky Emma & Miss Chaos Tortured
Outdoor Needle Pain Feature – Emily Sharpe & Blonde Chaos Pierced
NEW Prisoner Painsluts – Erotic Torture Of Female Prisoners
Exclusive Fetish Behind-The-Scene – outtake original BDSM at
Kinky ressources and guides to help you find more BDSM/Torture

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Painsluts Welcomes All Consenting dults To The World of Erotic Torture and Extreme Pain for Devoted Female Slavegirls

Remember, everyone featured are doing it because they love the pain, the adrenaline and the challenge of extreme BD/SM and erotic torture. The pain, screams and tears are 100% real. Nothing is faked. Nothing is staged. We only feature female slave girls who genuinely crave pain and punishment

To some slavegirls pure pain is a pleasure in itself. To others the challenge of climbing a giant mountain of pain gives an undescribeable kick. Others again drift deep into subspace and float through the pleasure and pain. But whatever the motivation. Painsluts is all about the extreme lifestyle painslaves who needs severe amounts of pain to get sexual pleasure. Dont be afraid. Its all about the joy of extreme pain and erotic torture. Pain lovers only.We strive to provide you with unique female slave videos full of pain and erotic torture, screaming and crying in intense
S/M sessions. We focus closely on the faces of pain of suffering slavegirls taken right to the outer edges of their limitsConsenting adults can find a wide range of erotic torture of willing female slavegirls inside. Featured in the painslut specials and the faces of pain S/M special. Dig into the kinky stories and painslut blogs. Not least the informative BD&SM painslut articles about methods of inflicting pain, masochists who enjoy the torments and the love of pain itself. Pure masochism.The pain sluts love the erotic torture as you will see in free bdsm videos and extreme kinky bondage and sm picture galleries. Dig into the pain slave profiles. The sado maso library full of psycholical sadism and masochismDont be a stranger to the world of bdsm and sado masochism. Get in contact and contribute your amateur pain material. Your interesting ressources on pleasure and pain. Suggestions for dedicated pain slave specials.Below you will find the regular entrance to Painsluts in standard english.

If you are not allowed to view extreme adult content in your area and/or you are offended by explicit and extreme BDSM material. Please exit this site immediately. All models featured are above 18 years of age. Everyone enjoy participating in BDSM activities willingly. If you dont enjoy watching them – click the exit link.

Enter Painsluts – Erotic Female Torture

Inside you will find:

Slavegirl Listings including free torture galleries and BDSM videos
Faces of Pain – special feature on the facial expressions of pain
Japanese Bastinado – Asian BDSM and Foot Punishments
NEW Amateur BDSM Features – Kinky Emma & Miss Chaos Tortured
Outdoor Needle Pain Feature – Emily Sharpe & Blonde Chaos Pierced
Extreme BDSM guides and stories of torments and punishment
NEW Prisoner Painsluts – Erotic Torture Of Female Prisoners
Kinky ressources and guides to help you find more BDSM/Torture

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