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Bondage Rack Punishment

June 26th, 2020

Painsluts Erotic Torture

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Bondage Rack Punishment

Shadow Slaves
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Bondage rack punishment and play piercing BDSM of slave Isabel Dean in gagged restraints and hot wax pain by her master Big John

Shadow Slaves
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Hardcore bondage, punishment and use of the slave . She is sent to the hotel room of an old friend of her Masters. Small talk quickly ends and Isabel Dean is ordered on top of the table for a look. The table is right in front of the window and she is visible to anyone who may look her way. Masters friend is no novice and quickly has the slut bound gagged clamped and a relentless whipping begins. You can hear the muffled screams and whimpers as the whip strikes. After her breasts are whipped and tortured to his satisfaction he turns his attention to her pussy and is pussy whipped to tears, as she answers his question over and over ” it’s your pussy, Sir, it’s yours…”.

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After the abuse on the pussy, Sir puts her on her back on the table and fills the whipped cunt with a fist working in and out as she groans and moans. Then attention is moved on the ass and she really starts moaning and groaning, can’t tell if the moans are from pleasure or pain but frankly don’t care. Sir is now worked up himself and she is taken down to all fours where she sucks and licks his cock while he whips her bareback. But before cumming orders her ass up and puts the head of his cock just inside her ass, she is then instructed to fuck while he stays motionless letting her fuck herself in the ass. The whip keeps her at the pace he desires. As he cums he grabs her by the hair buries himself in her and shoots his load. He pulls out removes the rubber, drains it on her back and orders her to crawl her ass out of here.

Alot of scene here… the slave is suspended whipped and cropped until she screams for mercy. But there’s no mercy here the Master really tans her hide. When eventually taken down she is lead around with her leash as she pony trots to the Masters whip. As ordered she finally crawls to the “X” and is bound spread eagle on it, then Master pulls out the candles and grins as he drips hot wax on her bound exposed body. Unable to escape the drips she can only flinch as the hot wax hits the most tender of areas.

I think you will like this one its done as if your sitting in a living room having the slaves Master show her to you as if you where a potential buyer. He does a complete inspection of the slave. I mean complete, he opens and inspects all holes ensures proper grooming and runs her through her commands. She does well and is allowed to suck his cock after begging to do so. After a complete inspection you are offered to try before you buy. You step right up take a handful of hair and shove your hard cock down her throat

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Shadow Slaves

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