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BDSM Weekend in Paris – Part 2

June 1st, 2021

Reaching down he opened the little overnight case near him. From it, he had taken a really light silver chain, and a pair of handcuffs.. With a nearly invisible motion of the hand of his she came forward and prostrated herself at the legs of his. He reached down and also attached one tail end of the chain to a tiny loop on the rear of the collar of her. She intuitively put the arms of her behind the back of her and he firmly shut the cuffs over them. He examined the coupling of the chain at the neck of her. Using the opposite end in a single hand, he reached down and took hold of the face of her. Lifting the face of her to take a look at him, he spoke.
‘Who am I?’ he questioned.
‘You are my Master’, she answered.
‘And what would you exist for?’
‘To serve the needs of yours as your sex slave’, she replied. At these words, her eyes dropped and fell on the mats at the foot of his.

Tugging gently at the chain, he pulled her head forward into the lap of his. She raised the eyes of her once more, along with a glance of happiness crossed the face of her.
‘May I provide pleasure Master?’ she whispered.

A basic little nod of the top was all she got in return. Next, he turned the focus of his away from her, and again on the tv.

He was flooring the edge of the seat & her face hovered inches above the crotch of his. She just knew what he expected, and also was boiling inside with anticipation. Lightly, she lowered the head of her and began running the lips of her across the very soft green fabric. She might think the outline of his manhood start to mix at the contact of her.

His thighs and legs parted further, and also she dug the mouth of her down only one side of the cloth. Getting the advantage, she grasped it in the teeth of her and also lifted it across to the opposite side. This exposed him entirely to her. His semi hard cock hung intensely over the advantage of the seat, and she can see this large balls hanging below.

Lowering the shoulders of her she put the mouth of her into position below the top of the cock of his. She might observe little jerks of motion in it, an unacknowledged joy on the part of his for that which was ahead. Opening the mouth of her, and decreasing the tongue of her, she permitted the partly erect member to get into her mouth. Going at a low speed, she pressed on until the whole body organ was sitting on the tongue of her, as well as heavy into the mouth of her. And then she closed the mouth of her over it, bathing it in sensation and warmth.

Instantly, she can really feel the response. Blood flowed quickly into the muscles, engorging it and significantly increasing its size. Still through this she struggled to keep him deep inside the mouth of her.

Rapidly, full erectness was reached by it. She might feel the pulse of the body of his through the vessels in the mouth of her. The thick head pressed very hard against the roof of the mouth of her in the rear. Ever so slowly she started moving the tongue of her. First only slightly forward and backward across the very sensitive underside. Next, growing to be increasingly aroused herself, along the sides, plus as long ago as she can achieve. Having a strong suction she started moving the head of her in time with the tongue of her. Bathing him in the moisture of her she started a slow, but certain, rhythm.

She carried on like this in silence. The sole effect she noted has got the deepening of the breathing, and the increasingly robust throbs through the cock of his. She started to believe his entire body tense around her. His thighs and legs began pressing in against the shoulders of her and she might be his buttocks tense up under him. She renewed the work of her, thinking just of the pleasure she was getting him.

As she experienced many powerful pulsations in the cock buried in the throat of her she just knew she was doing well in pleasing him. With a huge intake of breathe, she sucked much more challenging and installed him to the hilt inside the mouth of her.
‘No! Stop!’ she noticed him cry out.

Too late she realized he’d wished to wait. As she started trying to move away she felt one last throb, and also experienced the powerful gushes of his orgasm top off the mouth of her. Even while she struggled to swallow the quickly discharging fluid, she just knew she’d erred.

She cringed at the legs of his as he stood from the seat.
‘Stupid slut! Did not I teach you better compared to that?’

She just knew there might be no answer. She’d failed in helping him, and also knew she should be disciplined.

He moved to the advantage of the bed, as well as sat there, the cock of his yet at full erection. Making use of the chain of his, he pulled her to stand beside him. Next with a single hand on the back of her, plus the additional pulling the chain, he pulled her down across the knee of his.
‘You are a terrible girl.’ he said.’ You have forgotten who determines what goes on right here. This could enable you to remember.’

She lay down across the lap of his, her naked bottom in the environment, foot spread slightly. Her mind was done close to the floor on the reverse side of him, held low by the grasp of his on the leash of her.

She experienced, instead of heard, his hand raise into the environment as well as come crashing down on her bare behind.


The sound echoed from the walls of the little quiet room. She experienced the high heat quickly converge on the location his hand had struck. Combined with the discomfort she experienced was a sharp twinge of enjoyment from the groin of her.

‘Will you possibly learn?’ she noticed him say.’ Answer me!’
‘Yes Master’, she whimpered’ I am going to be a lot better today, a great slave to your will’. Even while she spoke these terms, the notion of helping him produced more fury in her tortured crotch. She just knew he can really feel the fluids dripping from her, and also wished he would not anger.

He pulled her to the foot of her and, digging in his overnight bag of the secret, introduced the handcuffs. She stood quietly, hoping she can relocate to relieve the tight muscles in the arms of her.

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