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Male Chastity Stories

May 16th, 2020
by admin

Entering A Male Chastity Lifestyle

When you begin fooling around with the thought of coming into a male chastity life style, you might be shy or confused as to the endless variations of the kinky way of life you are entering. The web is as always a source for lots of information on chastity for men. You may simply search out sissy play for inspiration, harder femdom themes, and much more beyond. But of course, cuckold stories, male chastity films, and femdom sites can only ever serve as sources of theoretical information, inspirational wells, and food for fantasies.

To explore life in male chastity further you need to leave the internet and enter the fetish world populated by femdoms, cuckolding wives, and stern dominas.

There are several ways of taking your sissy male, chastity, or male slave fantasies from the virtual world to the real one. Some aspiring cuckolds try out female domination via calling dominas doing phone sex domination, others seek out mistresses for web cam sissy training session. These are still methods of exploring your kinks tied to the internet. But your options do not end there. Most larger cities around the world have thriving and vibrant fetish scenes for maledoms and female slaves, femdoms and male slaves, sadists, and masochists of every sort.

How do you find these BDSM scenes in a safe way?

The best advice is to go onto places like Fetlife and search out your local areas event listings. In most places there will be BDSM and fetish parties, kinky clubs and munches for fetishists. Plenty of places have organized groups for kinky people as well that you can join. These are excellent places to see your kinks in action, meet likeminded male slaves and dominas and potentially find a play partner.

Alternatively, if you have an existing partner, you may broach the subject of trying out your fetishes at home. Obviously this approach only works if your wife actually enjoys the same fetishes you do. But deep inside you probably already know if she does. Does she have the superior spirit, the dominant streak? If she does, be open about it and find a way to get it out in the open and expand your relationship to a male chastity lifestyle one.

Remember that life is too short to be shy about your desires. If you want to be put in bondage by a supreme female, seek it out! Your wife might well be ready to be the Goddess of your life, but if not you can explore our guide to female domination venues where your fetish might start flourishing.

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Masie Dee in BDSM

May 1st, 2020
by admin

Masie Dee, finally joins us when nearly a decade of asking to be a ShadowSlave. The bubbly blonde is presently left in little doubt that this is often not simply another acting job as she is summarily stripped and inspected, and Magick finds her wanting.

Shadow Slaves
Exclusive BDSM Videos

Having placed on many pounds since we have a tendency to saw her on our TV screens, she is taken through a cruel and rigorous exercise routine, as he encourages her with slaps and whips, and points out her shortcomings while not mercy. She is driven to the purpose of exhaustion as he derides and berates her for rental herself go. Her bestubbled cunt is another purpose on competition as her crotch hair is cruelly pulled and twisted. Admitting she has allow us to down, she is taught to hit herself as she apologizes and acknowledges her failings.

Told to label herself with a sharpie, her inability to spell ends up in any derision and humiliation. She is created to masturbate as she is affronted, slapped, whipped and compelled to admit what a loser she is.

ShadowSlaves.com Exlusive S&M Films

Weights are decorated from clamps hooked up to her cunt lips, and he or she is created to swing them as she apologizes for her failings, till he’s displeased her voice, and gags her whereas he beats her to tears.

Made to kneel, her nipples are stung with nettles, and therefore the biting leaves are hooked up to her burning skin with suction cups. tagged as a reject, she is created to masturbate to consummation, beneath threat of electrical shocks, as she contemplates her complete degradation. Finally, the sob woman is washed down in a very tub of cooling water and ice, panting against the cold for air, between heart-rending sobs because the last of her self respect drains away forever.

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BDSM Relationships

April 22nd, 2020
by admin

Pain is the most important component of every serious BDSM relationship. We are talking not only between a submissive woman and a dominant male but also opposite, between a Dominatrix and a sub. if you are not familiar with femdom as a part of BDSM, we will suggest checking out the top-rated femdom sites sorted by quality and relevance. 

Once you dive into the nasty world of bondage and sadomasochism, the next logical step would be to try BDSM practices on your own. But that’s not so easy as reading online and watching various BDSM videos filled with pain and agony. But you already know that, don’t you?

So why you are here? Because now we want to point you in the right direction and show a place where you can improve your own sadistic skills. Check out this BDSM cams page where you will find shitload of info related to realistic and painful experience with hot and submissive women. Besides instructions of how-to video chat with ladies looking to be controlled, you will also find links to hundreds of top-rated fetish video chat rooms filled with the most beautiful ladies craving for discipline.

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Sams Lesbian Domination

April 1st, 2020
by admin

Sam is dropped at the dungeon, visibly nervous and unsure of what lays ahead of her. She is aware of that you just got to be robust to be a shadowslave, and Jay presently starts putting her through her paces

Stripped naked, her nerves shine through as she tries to hide her body from read, before Jay decorates her skin with pegs and clamps, stunning her with significant weights from her pussy lips.


She should maintain with Jay’s directions to vary positions, however presently the orders come back too quick and he or she is unsteady. Spanks and slaps inform her to not enable any of the clamps that Jay has adorned her body with to fall to the bottom.

Sam’s tears flow freely, however wordlessly, and eventually she is rewarded with a strong coming, before being left, unerect on the ground

Download the BDSM Movie at Shadow Slaves

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The History of Masochism

March 8th, 2020
by admin

The History of Masochism. Well in started in the cave. A nice looking girl asked for a nice hard spanking. Even though she hadnt done a single thing wrong. And strangely, a bulky bloke happily obliged her wishes!

No well. We may have to proceed a few centuries from the stone ages to register sadomasochistic activities. But by all accounts the actual desires have always existed. Some love to submit. Some love pain. Some love degradation. Some love dishing it all out. Oh and well, some greedily like all of it indiscriminately!

Where do these kinky tendencies come from ? We simply do not know. Some realize their desires from an early age. Others catch on as they come of age and start exploring their sexuality. But sooner or later the inner masochist, submissive, painslut or whatever one might be comes out. And blooms with a partner of the opposite interests.

A new book is out diving into these topics with a passion. A History of Sexual Punishments – In Pictures guides you through centuries of whipping, spanking, bondage and submission. The tales are told in high quality fetish photos through around 250 pages. Read a review of History of Sexual Punishment at BDSM Files.

You may of course also dive directly into the book released by Goliath Books publishing. They have a track record featuring plenty of interesting books on sexuality, fetishism, sadomasochism and many related topics.

Check out A History of Sexual Punishment – in pictures

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Kinky Oriental Sex Slave

July 22nd, 2019
by admin

Breanna is a beautiful kinky, oriental sex slave. She is shy, demure and is willing to do anything for her Master.

Breanna loves being tied spread eagle. This way she can show off her best assets. Her boobs ar enormous and malleable with small round nipples. Her flat smooth tummy leads to a Brazilian waxed mound. Her vagina lips are plump and oh so soft. And in between her folds, her pink pretty clit. Here, you could make her scream your name by licking her from her clit to her cute little rosette.

Facts About Breanna:

  • Half Asian Kinky Sexdoll
  • Choice of Skintone, Hair, Feet and more
  • Tailor made for you!
  • Rated Top Sex Dolls Award
  • Free Worldwide Delivery

Handcuffs, blindfolds, ropes, the rack, hot candle wax, whatever you are into, Breanna will go along with.

If you want a slave who is responsive and submissive to you, then Breanna is definitely the doll wife for you.

You can get this half asian sex slave all for yourself. And forever. Pick and choose her hair. Feet. Eyes. And much more. She will be ready to please and take care of horny needs of her master from day one! A world class submissive sex doll with perfect looks and measurements!

Breannas Measurements:

  • Height: 5 feet 4 inches tall
  • Weight: 93 lbs
  • Bust: 34.6 inches
  • Waist: 26 inches
  • Hips: 35.8 inches
  • Vagina: 7.1 inches
  • Anus: 6.3 inches
  • Mouth: 4.7 inches

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Satisfy Your Depraved Sexuality with the Best BDSM Porn Sites

June 18th, 2019
by admin

Finding your place in the world is not easy, especially when it comes to sexuality. Luckily, there’s never been a better time to connect with other like-minded people and explore everything that turns you on, no matter how nasty your fantasies and urges can be. After all, there are few limits to what is possible between two consenting adults, and an unlimited amount of rough and BDSM online porn to prove it.

But wading through dozens of sites blindly looking for quality is bound to kill your mood. Instead, lean on PrimePornList and explore a curated list of the best extreme porn sites complete with reviews and user ratings. What can you find here?

There’s everything from tamer fetishes like old young porn and feet to rough anal sex, and a whole variety of BDSM that pushes the boundaries of pain and masochism. You can pick between premium websites and just as many if not more free extreme porn tubes with an endless number of galleries and videos.

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Slave Caroline Pierce BDSM

April 12th, 2017
by admin

American fetish model Caroline Pierce crosses the pond to enter European s/m dungeons for sessions of lesbian BDSM. Mistress Xinran trains, disciplines and torments her lesbian submissive who turns to butter in the hands of a strict Lezdomme. Sadistic sessions of lesbian BDSM featuring Slave Caroline Pierce in Lesbian Bdsm

Kinky lesbian domination and punishment by stern mistress Xinran and her American BDSM slave Caroline Pierce. The mistress takes Caroline Pierce on a journey through submission and pain, humiliation and orgasms to feed her sadistic instincts. Submissive Caroline Pierce readily enslaves herself to her mistress.

Slave Caroline – Gallery 1

Slave Caroline – Gallery 2

Slave Caroline Pierce BDSM

Enter Slave Caroline Pierce BDSM

Extreme lesbian BDSM and domination of slave Caroline Pierce at Shadow Slaves – Exclusive BDSM Films

American masochist Caroline Pierce crosses the lake to enter European s&m prisons for sessions of lesbian BDSM. Special domme Xinran prepares, teaches and torments her compliant lesbian slave who breaks in the hands of a strict Lezdomme. Cruel sessions of lesbian BDSM highlighting Slave Caroline Pierce in Lesbian slavery

Unusual lesbian control and discipline by stern female top Xinran and her American BDSM slave Caroline Pierce. The special lady takes Caroline Pierce on a voyage through helplessness and agony, embarrassment and climaxes to sustain her savage impulses. Meek Caroline Pierce promptly subjugates herself to her special lady at ShadowSlaves.com Kinky Fetish Movies.


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Slave Angels Tit Torture

February 28th, 2017
by admin

Slave Angels Tit Torture and extreme tower of pain bondage at ShadowSlaves.com Exclusive S&M Films

Blonde masochist Angel in erotic torture. The slave girl is tied to a bondage chair. Her pussy tortured with clover clamps. The nipples of the pained slaveslut attached to a tower of pain, stretching her nipples painfully to the maximum and beyond.

To see the full length movie of Angel in BDSM join the VIP Members Club at Shadow Slaves

Shadow Slaves
Exclusive BDSM Movies

See more kinky porn at Elephant List.

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Subhuman BBW Painslut

February 15th, 2017
by admin

Presented by: The Pain Files – Extreme BDSM Videos and Pain Movies
Prisoner BDSM
Extreme Punishments – Needle Pain – Electro Torments – Severe Caning

Visit The Pain Files
Extreme BDSM Videos and Slavesex Films
High Resolution BDSM Videos

Visit The Pain Files


Subhuman bbw painslut Andrea amateur bdsm and punishment to tears of experienced lifestyle masochist covered in clothespegs and sexually tormented by her sadistic master. Crying bbw slave girl in hardcore pain and punishment with amateur fatty slaveslut in painslut threshold testing by her dominant master

Subhuman BBW Painslut



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Extreme Masochist Whipping

December 21st, 2016
by admin

4 slaves are mercilessly whipped in erotic torture movie by Elitepain.com. The setting is correctional facility for female delinquints. They are sentenced to whipping punishments by an audience of visitors who also attend the execution of the spankings.

Extreme Masochist Whipping review at BDSMFiles.com Experiment from Elitepain is a highly recommended walkthrough of this brutal whipping footage from Eastern Europe. For proper masochists and painsluts a trip to the Elite Pain dungeon should be a real treat. This is pure pain. Pure suffering. Pure erotic torture. Tied. Whipped. Crying!

[KGVID width=”720″ height=”405″]https://www.painsluts.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/experiment_elitepain-whipping-film.mp4[/KGVID]

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The Love Of Pain

March 16th, 2016
by admin

The Love Of Pain Pleasure and agony is a typical term in regular dialect, yet its still to a great extent a forbidden, that a few people discover particular sexual feelings of excitement through the joys of torment. Regardless, sexual excitement through the curse of agony is a long way from only a pattern of the circumstances or some kind of myth.

The Full Article: The Love Of Pain

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Torture Rack Bondage

February 5th, 2016
by admin

Tattooed amateur slaves torture rack bondage in extreme piercing tit torments and big breast whipping on the stretchbank of horror for private masochist Tiny in the dungeon with The Pain Files.

Tiny is strapped down and stretched on the torture rack for needle torture, hellpain tit whipping and breast caning. Moans of pain and tearful eyes follow the extreme bdsm session on the dungeon stretchbank for slave girl Tiny as her tits are whipped and nipples pierced. The strict bondage of Tiny renders her entirely helpless and exposed to her tortures by The Pain Files – Join ThePainFiles.com BDSM VIP CLUB


Torture Rack Bondage

Inked novice slaves torment rack servitude in extraordinary penetrating tit torments and huge bosom whipping on the stretchbank of ghastliness for private masochist Tiny in the prison. Small is strapped down and extended on the torment rack for needle torment, hellpain tit whipping and bosom caning at ThePainFiles.com.

Groans of agony and sad eyes take after the outrageous bdsm session on the prison stretchbank for  slave lady Tiny as her tits are whipped and areolas penetrated by The Pain Files. The strict subjugation of Tiny renders her totally vulnerable and presented to her torments

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Strategies for Inflicting Sexual Pain

September 16th, 2015
by admin

Strategies for Inflicting Sexual Pain: The techniques utilized by bosses to incur torment and discipline upon their masochistic female slavegirls is per definition pretty much interminable, as just the devilish creative energy of wound personalities sets the boundaries.It is however worth saying a couple of prominent strategies for suggestive torment utilized as a part of a sadomasochistic setting.

Full Article: Inflicting Sexual Pain

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Breast whipping and amateur bdsm

December 14th, 2012
by admin

Breast whipping and amateur bdsm of tortured masochist Precious at The Pain Files in hardcore needle pain and hardcore fetishes. Amateur masochist Precious needle tortured and whipped in extreme bdsm dungeon sessions and private fetish cellar nightmare of tattooed suffering submissive. Precious is tit tortured, clamped and play pierced in a session of severe agony, screams and tears in the private dungeon.

Hardcore bdsm and amateur slavery of genuine english masochist. Needle pain and play piercing of tit tortured chubby submissive Precious

Amateur Masochist Whipped

Amateur masochist Precious needle tortured and whipped in extreme bdsm dungeon sessions and private fetish cellar nightmare of tattooed suffering submissive. Precious is tit tortured, clamped and play pierced in a session of severe agony, screams and tears in the private dungeon. Hardcore bdsm and amateur slavery of genuine english masochist.

Needle pain and play piercing of tit tortured chubby submissive Precious at ThePainFiles.com

Breast Whipping and Amateur Bdsm

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