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Pain And Pleasure – The Kinky World Of BDSM

August 3rd, 2020

What Is BDSM All About? The world of BDSM, bondage and domination explained in detail. How to experiment with sadomasochist games.

In the past couple of years, BDSM has become more popular than ever. In my personal opinion, it’s because people are living faster than ever and because stress levels are higher than ever before so they need some kind of release. Of course, BDSM became less taboo after a certain movie, and book series was released and more people were willing to try something they thought couldn’t feel good in the bedroom.

I was always interested in BDSM but I didn’t have much luck finding someone to share my fantasies with. I’ve tried it, but not even close to the level I wanted to so I even hired a couple of escorts to satisfy my dirty fantasies. Even this wasn’t easy as I thought it would be so I had to do some research and read a bunch of London escort reviews so I would find the escort who was willing to do everything I wanted to try. Out of hundreds of escorts I found, only a few looked good and were willing to do what I was interested in.

The thing that excited me most was the physical pain during sex. I was afraid of it, to be honest, but I still wanted to try what it was like. The first time I experienced it was during sex with my ex-girlfriend and I asked her to slap me on my face. Once she did, I got so horny that I barely lasted a few minutes after it happened. The same was when I was with any escort and I wanted to experience more. I didn’t know where my limit was so I took things slowly and asked for more and more until I reached the point where pain didn’t feel good any more. It took me some time but I knew what I was comfortable with and it meant a lot later.

What Is BDSM All About

What Is BDSM All About

If you’re not familiar with BDSM and think that it’s only about inflicting pain, you can’t be more wrong. Even though BDSM stands for bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism, it’s about much more than just that. BDSM is about experimenting, trying new things, and discovering your sexuality. I waited for so long before I took things into my own hands and started exploring things that made me aroused. The first few times I experienced BDSM with escorts wasn’t as great as I expected it but the more I visited the same escort, the experience got better and better because I started trusting this girl with my body.

I read a lot about BDSM even before I tried it myself so I knew what I could expect. My first experience in BDSM was “vanilla” as some call it, that included light bondage and a few gentle slaps. I can’t say that I like extreme BDSM, but I do like it when I get a little hurt. I still haven’t tried strap-ons or dildos on myself, but I’m pretty sure I’ll give it a try soon because the thought of a sexy blonde being behind me, playing with my ass while I’m all tied up makes me go crazy.

The most common mistake people make when it comes to BDSM is that it has to include physical pain. It actually doesn’t and even grabbing your girl by her hair when you’re behind her is a very simple way of doing BDSM. Getting tied up is also a part of BDSM but it doesn’t mean that you need to get hurt while doing it. That’s why most people have a safeword that they use if their partner becomes too aggressive or they don’t feel comfortable any more.

If you’re new to BDSM, you’ll have a lot to discover. I’ve been imagining things I’d love to do for a lot of time and I’ve watched all kinds of BDSM porn videos, but actually experiencing BDSM is something else. My first experience wasn’t as good as I thought it would be but when I became comfortable with the new things, the experience got a lot better. The first thing I’ve tried was light slapping and light bondage and when I got comfortable around the escort I tried it with, it was really amazing!

Experimenting Is Always A Good Thing

suspension bondage

When I first became interested in BDSM, I realized how a complex fetish it actually was. It’s not only about whips and slaps – it has much more to it. The more I watched porn that included BDSM, the more I realized there are so many things I wanted to try. At the time, I couldn’t find a girl who would experiment with me. All my exes were very conservative and it was very difficult to even try different sex positions, let alone something kinky that included sex toys or some kind of equipment.

When I started seeing escorts, my sex life became incredible! Not only did I try BDSM for the first time, but I tried different sex positions, sex toys, and even had my first threesome. The more I experimented with things I was afraid of, the more satisfied I was. All the experience I gathered while I was seeing escorts made me a better lover and it was pretty clear because almost every girl I slept with had an orgasm! Unfortunately, only then did I realize how bad I was at sex.

During the time when I was only seeing escorts, I discovered a lot of things that I was aroused by. For instance, light BDSM felt really amazing! I enjoyed being the dominant one, but even more, I liked being the submissive one. I knew it couldn’t be as hot as it was with an experienced escort, so I needed to find a girl who was into the same things I was.

Hire BDSM Escorts If You Can’t Find A Girl To Experiment With

Hire bdsm Escorts If You Can’t Find A Girl To Experiment With

Before I hired an escort for the first time, I couldn’t find a girlfriend who wanted to try new things with me. I can’t complain about the sex, it was good almost every time, but I wanted to try something else. I was fed up with the most classic positions and I was slowly losing my interest in sex. Girl after girl, it was always the same. They were very conservative and even the idea of trying something BDSM related was out of the question.

I can honestly say that hiring an escort was the best thing I could’ve done. Not only did I try things I wanted to for a long time, but I tried out new sex positions and learned a lot about satisfying a woman. It really helped me become more confident in the bedroom and I’ve started performing a lot better since then.

Hiring escorts is now easier than ever and all you need to do is to do a little research. There are tons of escort agencies throughout the UK and a lot of directories as well. Because I was looking for girls with a specific look and services they provide, these sites have helped me find the perfect girls who have satisfied all of my kinky fantasies. With all the reviews available for almost any escort you find interesting, you’ll easily find the girl of your dreams!

What To Try? Next Level BDSM

Thankfully, BDSM is a large sex category with tons of things anyone can try. I’ve personally tried only a few things but in different intensities! I’ve tried spanking, slapping, and bondage, but I’m still discovering how much I can take until I don’t feel comfortable anymore. What I’m interested in trying are different sex toys, equipment, and the thing that excites me the most – cuckold. The last thing has always been my fantasy but to achieve this, I need to have a girlfriend who will be interested to have sex with another man while I’m watching from the site and possibly join them later on.

BDSM has become a way of life for me and regular sex just isn’t enough to satisfy me anymore. I’ll surely keep seeing escorts until I find a partner who I can continue exploring new things and possibilities and until all my sexual fantasies come true!

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