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Maria and Her Dom – Part 1

March 13th, 2021

She stood before the mirror, stunned at the sight she beheld. He lingered behind her. He was dressed sharply in all black; silk shirt, silk tie, shiny shoes and dress pants. Tonight was yet another one of her Dom’s infamous parties. Tonight he’d something remarkable planned. She was mesmerised at the appearence of her. She was utilized to the bondage attire of her, as well as enjoyed it. She used black always. Tonight she was dressed in white.

He stepped closer to her, the gentle breath of his warming her neck. “I know it appears a tad dramatic, but what exactly are we but dramatic women. The pet of mine, my treasure.” He kissed the bare shoulder of her. Chills raced through her. His arms encircled the waist of her, pulling her closer to him. She stared at the white elbow length leather gloves encasing the arms of her. The thigh high, 4 inch spiked, white leather boots on the legs of her. Actually the collar of her was white leather. What made the sight so incredible to her, was the set of white wings connected to the back of her by thinner leather straps that looped more than the shoulders of her. They’d gorgeous white feathers which extended to the bottom of her. The blonde hair of her, grazed the shoulders of her, creating an aura of the divine. “My angel,” he whispered. “Fallen from the heavens, into hell.” He took her by the hand and lead her out from the bedroom and down the 2 flights of stairs to the “dungeon” of his. A really big male, dressed in a small black tee shirt and black jeans stood at the bottom part of the actions. The door to the dungeon was closed, though she can audibly hear voices from inside. The guests of his had arrived, awaiting the evening’s entertainment. and host “Marquis, keep her here, until I call for her.” Silently the muscular male agreed. Her Dom handed him a pair of handcuffs and entered the party, to boisterous cheers.

“Arms out,” he paused to sneeringly add, “angel.” She complied and experienced the steel cuffs snap around her trembling wrists. He took the short chain between the cuffs in the left hand of his and forced her to the knee of her. She bowed the head of her and then attempted to concentrate on the part she was “playing” that evening. An angel, fallen out of the heavens to the depths of hell. He needed her to resist, to fight, to allow it to be all remarkable. It was as a play to him and she could not help but like being the star of his as he directed.

She listened very carefully as her Dom spoke softly to the guests of his, trying to assertain the mood amongest them. Suddenly he shouted, “Marquis, bring out the angel.” Marquis roughly pulled her to the feet of her and threw open the door. It was extremely dim, aside from the countless candles which were burning about the room. She could not tell the number of had gathered, except these were dressed in black formal attire. Her Dom strode forth from the rear of the group which had gathered, his shirt unbuttoned to the waist, along with a devilish grin on the perfect lips of his. He has taken her from Maritn’s care and forced her roughly into the middle of the home.

“Such a lovely creature which has dropped out of the heavens just to wind up right here in hell. Tsk tsk, you have to have done something bad to wind up with us.” They laughed softly, as she glanced around. Her Dom grabbed a couple of the hair of her and pulled the head of her back quickly. “You are actually ours now, fallen one.” She shook her head no and pleaded for the innocence of her.

“No, please, I do not belong here,” she whimpered. The Dom forced her to the knees of her and knelt next to her. He unlocked and removed the handcuffs from the wrists of her. She sighed and looked up to him gratefully. “Thank you for the kindness of yours, sir.” He laughed and pulled the hair of her once again.

“You is going to know no kindness from us, fallen one.” He easily attached black leather wrist cuffs with rings on them, while another person attached similar cuffs to the ankles of her. He then took chains which hung out of the ceiling and secured them to the rings of the wristcuffs. The arms of her had been pulled up and apart. She remained on the knees of her until the chains began receeding into the ceiling and pulling her erect. She might feel the pussy of her growing sticky and warm with excitement.

“Please, you do not understand what you’re doing. Release me, please. I beg of all of you.” Again, soft laughter came from the team. She felt her legs kicked apart from behind and secured to chains which were on the floor. She was helpless and once again begged,” Please, please…”

“Enough of that,” snapped her Dom. “There is going to be no more pleading, unless, the ones that casted you out are listening.” A taller muscular male with shoulder length black hair and also the greyest eyes, stepped up from the group holding a natural leather penis gag. “Open,” he commanded. “Open that cherry white mouth of yours.” She heistated for a short time, just to have her hair pulled sharply. She let out a scream, allowing the gag to be shoved into the mouth of her and locked behind the head of her. She moaned softly and shaking the head of her, trying her better to push the gag out.

“I bet she was thrown out for being a slut,” purred a red haired female, sliding up to her. “We should see. I am certain she is soaked.” Murmurs of agreement circled the group and she felt her Dom’s fingers dance along her shaved pussy and plunge deep inside her. He held up 2 fingers that dripped with the decadent wetness of her. Cheers erupted out of the number as she hung in the center of the room, struggling in the bonds of her. The white haired female quickly leaned into the angel’s ear and whispered loudly, so that every one could possibly hear, “I told you she was a slut.” The red haired female ran the tongue of her along the fallen one’s ear and she jerked away. The white head grabbed a couple of the blonde tresses of her, and sneered, “None of that, fallen one.” She watched the Dom of her hand the red head a black leather hood. She shook the head of her violently, no no no!! The white head snickered and grasped the hair of her unmercifully tight. She experienced 2 hands pull the hair of her into a sleek ponytail and then hold the head of her yet. The female and most of the party guests vanished from sight as the hood was pulled over the head of her. There were openings for the ears of her, nose mouth as well as one in the top for the ponytail. She experienced the lacings pulled snuggly and tied secure. She trembled. She was at the mercy of theirs. Gagged, blinded, as well as bound. The legs of her were sticky from the torture so far.

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