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New Slave Girl Profile – Painslut M

September 15th, 2009

Pain Slut Feature: Slavegirl M

Slavegirl M is a couragious lifestyle slavegirl from Belgium with a commendable spirit for more or less all aspects of BDSM life. She is in a 24/7 relationship and you will see her in the many adventures such a relationship brings her through. See the profile here: New Slave Girl Profile – Painslut M

Needles and bastinado are among her all time favorites, and that of her Master obviously, but the experienced pain slut M has endured more or less any and all forms of erotic torture in the books. She has been whipped severely, caned, has electro shocks trough needles, been branded with hot irons and a wide variety of other things by her sadistically loving master..

New Slave Girl Profile – Painslut M

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