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Kendra Lynn makes you eat cum

March 5th, 2024

Today was the day. The day that Kendra Lynn had been waiting for, fantasizing about, and planning meticulously for months. Today, she would finally have her little bitch under her complete control, and she couldn’t wait to see the look of submission and desperation in your eyes. What you didn’t know was that Kendra Lynn loves cum eating instruction, and you were about to be at her mercy.

As soon as you entered her home, Kendra could feel the electricity in the air. She could practically taste your fear and excitement, and it only fueled her desire more. With a wicked grin on her lips, she turned to face you, knowing that you were already trembling at her feet.

“You’re gonna be my little fucking bitch today,” she purred, stepping closer to you until your faces were only inches apart. “And you’re gonna love every second of it.”

Your breath hitched at her words, and Kendra relished in your vulnerability. She loved the power she held over you, the way you would do anything she asked just for a taste of her attention.

“I need you to be my little slave bitch,” she continued, trailing a finger down your chest before grabbing onto your collar and pulling you towards her. “And I’m gonna force you to be that.”

You whimpered slightly but didn’t resist as Kendra maneuvered you into position, positioning you once again on your knees in front of her. She towered above you like a femdom goddess, reveling in the feeling of complete control.

“Now,” she said with a devilish smirk. “I want you to jerk off your cock for me.”

Without hesitation, you began stroking your cock at Kendra’s command. You knew better than to question or disobey her orders. As you reached closer and closer to climax, Kendra stepped back slightly, watching with a predatory gleam in her eyes.

“And then,” she added in an almost sing-song voice. “You’re gonna fucking open your hand right before you bust that load…and put it right there.”

She pointed to your outstretched palm, and you knew exactly what to do. With a shuddering moan, you followed Kendra’s instructions and came into your hand. But that wasn’t the end of it.

“Now,” she said, forcing you to hold up your cum-covered hand to your lips. “You’re gonna take that hand and lick it all up for me.”

Your eyes widened at the command, but once again, you didn’t dare disobey. You leaned forward hesitantly and began to eat your own cum off of your hand, under Kendra’s watchful gaze.

“Good little bitch,” she praised with a smirk as you licked every inch of your hand clean. “Such a good little cock whore.”

As you finished cleaning your hand, Kendra couldn’t resist any longer. She pressed her lips against yours in a fierce kiss, tasting both your jizz and her domination over you. You kissed back eagerly, desperate for more of her control and attention.

“I want you to lick those lips now,” she whispered against your mouth before pulling away slightly. “And tell me how good that cum was.”

You obeyed without hesitation, licking your lips sensually as you looked up at Kendra with adoration and need in your eyes.

“You little fucking faggot,” she said with a laugh, running a hand through your hair possessively. “You are mine to use as I please!”

Come submit to Kendra Lynn’s cum eating instruction fantasy, only on JOI Humiliation!

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Maya Sinstress and her metal chastity toy

January 15th, 2024

The thought of being trapped in a metal chastity toy by Maya Sinstress made your heart race with equal parts excitement and fear. The tattooed femdom brunette always loved being in control, but now she was taking it to a whole new level in exquisite POV on Domination 4K.

Maya Sinstress holds out her metal chastity toy

Pain may already be a permanent companion in your world, but this experience was unlike anything you had ever felt before. The idea of being completely at her mercy, with your most intimate body part locked away, sent shivers down your spine. The thought of the cool steel against the soft skin of your dick… Imagining the feeling of being Maya’s slave, fully entrapped by her, body, mind, and soul… It was a level of pleasure and pain that you simply couldn’t resist.

As you entered her private sex room, you felt a sense of anticipation mixed with apprehension. Maya’s seductive voice echoed through the room as she greeted you with a mischievous smile.

“Are you ready to give up all control to me?” she purred, running her finger along the edge of the metal cage that would soon hold your cock captive.

You nodded eagerly, unable to form words as the intensity of the situation sank in. Without hesitation, she began securing the device around your shaft, tightening the straps until it felt snug against your skin. The sensation was both foreign and thrilling, knowing that you were now completely at her mercy.

“Now let’s see how cute you look,” Maya said, stepping back to admire her work. Your cock strained against the confines of the cage, desperate for release that would never come.

She then proceeded to tease you mercilessly, running her hands over your chest and thighs while keeping a firm grip on your caged dick. Her lips brushed against yours teasingly, but just as you thought she might finally give you some relief, she pulled away with a wicked grin.

“I love having you under my complete control,” she whispered into your ear, sending shivers down your spine.

For what felt like hours, she continued to deny you any pleasure while still tormenting you with her touch. Your body was on fire with desire and frustration, but you couldn’t deny the exhilarating feeling of being at the mercy of Domination 4K’s Maya Sinstress.

Just when you thought you couldn’t take it anymore, Maya suddenly stopped and released you from the metal cage. Your cock sprang free, throbbing and begging for release.

“Now you can cum,” she said, her voice laced with authority. And with those words, you exploded in a blissful release that left you weak and trembling. But what if she doesn’t set you free next time? What if she keeps you trapped in chastity forever?

As you lay there, exhausted and completely under Maya’s spell, you realized that this experience had taken you to new heights of pleasure and surrender. And even though it may have been painful at times, there was no denying the intense rush of being at the mercy of chastity queen Maya Sinstress!

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Locked up and teased by Carmen Valentina

November 24th, 2023

You have been a naughty boy, spending all of your time jerking off to Carmen Valentina’s filthy porn. Your obsession and dedication to stroking that hard cock needs to be stopped, so she’s come up with the perfect solution. Now, whenever she teases you mercilessly day after day, your penis will remain locked in chastity in this very cage. Does it turn you on when she fondles your balls? She knows it does; it drives you wild knowing your throbbing cock is restricted within the confines of this plastic prison. It fits perfectly, doesn’t it? Do you like being held hostage in there? Carmen can feel your desperate attempts to become aroused as your dick presses against its locked confines. How pathetic of you!

Carmen Valentina locks you in POV chastity on Domination 4K

Carmen’s eyes gleamed as she pulled out her key ring. She sauntered forward with an air of dominance, dangling the shiny bronze key precariously in front of you. It was almost like a sick game to her; she brushed it lightly across your face before yanking it away, then repeating the process over and over. A shiver ran through your body every time the cold metal touched your skin, and you felt a low moan escape from between your lips as if it had no control over itself. You shifted uncomfortably against the clear plastic walls of this hellish torture chamber – you felt like you were going insane being locked up for days on end.

Carmen revels in the perverse pleasure of having you locked away, with your cock encased in chastity. She savors every moment having you under her thumb and hopes to never let you go. Each day, she torments you further as she tantalizes your most sensitive areas, knowing that no matter how hard you might get, there will be no release.

The dominatrix delights in watching your ecstatic yet agonizing reactions as she plays with your balls. You can feel each stroke of her fingernails lightly tracing circles around them – a sensation so pleasurable yet painful. All the while the chastity device controls your cock’s movement, its clear plastic shell giving Carmen a full view of her handiwork.

Often during these sessions, Carmen will whisper stories of what might happen if she ever chose to unlock your cage. Visions of her tying you to the bed and riding your rigid, throbbing member fill your mind with an overwhelming mix of desire and fear. This thought alone is often enough to bring pain in addition to pleasure; a rare form of exquisite torture which Carmen has grown quite fond of over time.

Soon the session comes to an end, much too soon for your liking. Carmen stands up reminds you that despite all that has transpired between the two of you, she still remains in complete control. An emotional rush overwhelms you as reality sinks in – you may be trapped inside a tiny device made from plastic but for Carmen, this is just another moment in her dominion over you. Days, months and even years may pass by without any indication that anything will change – all the while having your cock held tightly captive by her forbidden desires!

Enjoy Carmen Valentina locking you in POV chastity only on Domination 4K!

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BDSM Weekend in Paris – Part 3

July 4th, 2021

Pointing towards the bed he silently told her’ Lie down with your back’. When she’d, he hit back into the bag and withdrew an assortment of ropes. Working quietly, he had taken 4 long lengths and ran them under the foundation. 2 running top to bottom at the outside edges, and also 2 operating across the bottom part at the top and feet.

Next, he took many shorter pieces and also began to connect her to the web of his. Each arm in turn, after which each leg. When he finished she was firmly pinned to the bed. tugging on any arm would drag the other from the edge of the foundation. Each leg reacted the exact same. She lay down spread eagled to his gaze.

2 fine gold chains appeared in the hands of his. With just one hand he pulled her head up off the foundation somewhat. With the any other, he attached only one tail end of each to her nipple rings. The opposite end linked to an earring. And then he introduced the mind of her, realizing that she couldn’t reduce it with the bed without triggering herself pain.

He looked down on her and also can see threads of cum on the neck of her. With a finger he scooped these up and placed them on the tongue of her. She very carefully cleaned the finger of his with the tongue of her after she’d swallowed these missed traces.

Reaching into his bag once again, he pulled out 2 things. The primary would have been a lacey white colored set of panties. These had breaks at the sides of an extended band of information, and also at the crotch. From the crotch came 2 various other strips, and there was absolutely no covering with the bottom. Working about, he slid the under her and fastened the side panels, making the crotch open and her small ass uncovered. The next was a big human shaped vibrator. Going for a sizable glop of KY, he covered it from the starting on the suggestion. Next, transforming it on very low speed, he placed it at the opening to her quivering pussy. At the contact she gritted the teeth of her. After a couple of seconds of teasing, he pressed it profoundly inside her. She might think the vibrator top off her aching cavity. He reached down and also snapped the crotch on the leg straps. This preventing even her well qualified inner muscles from eliminating it. She might really feel the vibrations strongly where idea of the vibrator pressed firmly against her cervix.

He stood up, as well as started to dress.’ I’ll be again in a little while’, he said.’ I am going right down to the lobby for a moment. I’ll be listening at the home when I return, and so do not have a sound’.

How long stayed away, she could not explain to. The pleasure coming from the pussy of her in lightning as shocks overwhelmed the senses of her. Every time she felt she was planning to provide in with the feelings the mind of her would arch back. The pain from the nipples of her would bring her quickly returned from the edge. Over, and over she went through this particular cycle. She might think a flood of moisture between the thighs of her.

At last, she noticed the secret in the lock. He entered and examined the agony in the eyes of her. With deliberate slowness he undressed himself. This precious time fully. He reached down and introduced the ropes at her legs and wrists.
‘On your knees’, he commanded.

She very carefully rolled over, making certain to have the mind of her lower and the nipple chains loose. Kneeling up she experienced him standing behind her. She might think the rasp of the ropes as he tied a loop around each knee, and also brought it forward to the wrist of her. He pulled them trained, therefore her wrists have been touching the knees of her. With the head of her against the mattress, ass was wide open very high within the atmosphere behind her.

As she shifted, she experienced the vibrator press much deeper inside her. The low buzz captured the mind of her entirely at last, allowing the sole knowledge of her of it and absolutely nothing else. She don’t knew he, the area, or maybe reality existed.

The activity of the bed shifting brought the back of her. She might think him kneeling behind her. Afterward she felt a bright, hard, slippery strain at the opening to the anus of her. She caught the breath of her as she felt him start entering her. As her sphincter closed over his heavy head she experienced the shudders of orgasm attempting to defeat her. With each and every attempt of willpower she’d, she battled it back.

He settled into a slow, satisfying rhythm, pressing deeply inside her, and then withdrawing to leave just the top trapped. She might think his fingers operating across the back of her and caressing her smooth buttocks.

He started pressing harder and deeper, and she might pick up his breath coming more easily. She began allowing the feelings to overtake the mind of her once again. When she might think he was intending to arrive she let her head go, and also sacrificed herself in the passions of orgasm.

As she was releasing herself she believed 1 hand action from her back to the crotch of her. As the primary explosions began to wrench the mind of her she felt the vibrator start to buzz at speed that is top. At similar instant she felt his hand drop one the ass of her inside a sharp spank. The impact was instantaneous. What was explosions, became deflagrations. Her mind shattered in ecstasy as she sensed him swell and load the ass of her with his scorching cum. She experienced, but dismissed, the ache in the nipples of her as she arched in unrestrained feeling. Finally, totally exhausted, she knelt limp as he pulled from her.

She quivered at the touch of his as he introduced the bonds of her. As he set back on the bed she knew how to proceed. Standing on seldom stable legs she walked in to the bath room and returned with a comfortable washcloth. Thoroughly, she bathed his balls and cock with it. When pleased he is pure and sleeping, she stood and has taken the site of her by the doorstep.

With a trend of the hand of his, he closed the eyes of his and rested. At that signal she dressed, and remaining. She just knew she will return once again… and again. She loved the husband of her.

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BDSM Weekend in Paris – Part 2

June 1st, 2021

Reaching down he opened the little overnight case near him. From it, he had taken a really light silver chain, and a pair of handcuffs.. With a nearly invisible motion of the hand of his she came forward and prostrated herself at the legs of his. He reached down and also attached one tail end of the chain to a tiny loop on the rear of the collar of her. She intuitively put the arms of her behind the back of her and he firmly shut the cuffs over them. He examined the coupling of the chain at the neck of her. Using the opposite end in a single hand, he reached down and took hold of the face of her. Lifting the face of her to take a look at him, he spoke.
‘Who am I?’ he questioned.
‘You are my Master’, she answered.
‘And what would you exist for?’
‘To serve the needs of yours as your sex slave’, she replied. At these words, her eyes dropped and fell on the mats at the foot of his.

Tugging gently at the chain, he pulled her head forward into the lap of his. She raised the eyes of her once more, along with a glance of happiness crossed the face of her.
‘May I provide pleasure Master?’ she whispered.

A basic little nod of the top was all she got in return. Next, he turned the focus of his away from her, and again on the tv.

He was flooring the edge of the seat & her face hovered inches above the crotch of his. She just knew what he expected, and also was boiling inside with anticipation. Lightly, she lowered the head of her and began running the lips of her across the very soft green fabric. She might think the outline of his manhood start to mix at the contact of her.

His thighs and legs parted further, and also she dug the mouth of her down only one side of the cloth. Getting the advantage, she grasped it in the teeth of her and also lifted it across to the opposite side. This exposed him entirely to her. His semi hard cock hung intensely over the advantage of the seat, and she can see this large balls hanging below.

Lowering the shoulders of her she put the mouth of her into position below the top of the cock of his. She might observe little jerks of motion in it, an unacknowledged joy on the part of his for that which was ahead. Opening the mouth of her, and decreasing the tongue of her, she permitted the partly erect member to get into her mouth. Going at a low speed, she pressed on until the whole body organ was sitting on the tongue of her, as well as heavy into the mouth of her. And then she closed the mouth of her over it, bathing it in sensation and warmth.

Instantly, she can really feel the response. Blood flowed quickly into the muscles, engorging it and significantly increasing its size. Still through this she struggled to keep him deep inside the mouth of her.

Rapidly, full erectness was reached by it. She might feel the pulse of the body of his through the vessels in the mouth of her. The thick head pressed very hard against the roof of the mouth of her in the rear. Ever so slowly she started moving the tongue of her. First only slightly forward and backward across the very sensitive underside. Next, growing to be increasingly aroused herself, along the sides, plus as long ago as she can achieve. Having a strong suction she started moving the head of her in time with the tongue of her. Bathing him in the moisture of her she started a slow, but certain, rhythm.

She carried on like this in silence. The sole effect she noted has got the deepening of the breathing, and the increasingly robust throbs through the cock of his. She started to believe his entire body tense around her. His thighs and legs began pressing in against the shoulders of her and she might be his buttocks tense up under him. She renewed the work of her, thinking just of the pleasure she was getting him.

As she experienced many powerful pulsations in the cock buried in the throat of her she just knew she was doing well in pleasing him. With a huge intake of breathe, she sucked much more challenging and installed him to the hilt inside the mouth of her.
‘No! Stop!’ she noticed him cry out.

Too late she realized he’d wished to wait. As she started trying to move away she felt one last throb, and also experienced the powerful gushes of his orgasm top off the mouth of her. Even while she struggled to swallow the quickly discharging fluid, she just knew she’d erred.

She cringed at the legs of his as he stood from the seat.
‘Stupid slut! Did not I teach you better compared to that?’

She just knew there might be no answer. She’d failed in helping him, and also knew she should be disciplined.

He moved to the advantage of the bed, as well as sat there, the cock of his yet at full erection. Making use of the chain of his, he pulled her to stand beside him. Next with a single hand on the back of her, plus the additional pulling the chain, he pulled her down across the knee of his.
‘You are a terrible girl.’ he said.’ You have forgotten who determines what goes on right here. This could enable you to remember.’

She lay down across the lap of his, her naked bottom in the environment, foot spread slightly. Her mind was done close to the floor on the reverse side of him, held low by the grasp of his on the leash of her.

She experienced, instead of heard, his hand raise into the environment as well as come crashing down on her bare behind.


The sound echoed from the walls of the little quiet room. She experienced the high heat quickly converge on the location his hand had struck. Combined with the discomfort she experienced was a sharp twinge of enjoyment from the groin of her.

‘Will you possibly learn?’ she noticed him say.’ Answer me!’
‘Yes Master’, she whimpered’ I am going to be a lot better today, a great slave to your will’. Even while she spoke these terms, the notion of helping him produced more fury in her tortured crotch. She just knew he can really feel the fluids dripping from her, and also wished he would not anger.

He pulled her to the foot of her and, digging in his overnight bag of the secret, introduced the handcuffs. She stood quietly, hoping she can relocate to relieve the tight muscles in the arms of her.

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BDSM Weekend in Paris – Part 1

May 8th, 2021

A weekend with the wife in a Paris BDSM hotel room for domination games with the wife.

His focus was interrupted. The amount on the Paris hotel room television had abruptly blared to life. On the display the diminutive type of the former Olympic star appeared. Another feminine products advertisement.’ Not in case she was mine’ he believed, reaching out and switching off of the racket.

Easing back into the seat he let his brain wander to the ideas which have been broken. The blowing wind rattled a branch against the window as a storm raged outside in the Paris streets.

A person will have thought nothing of the arena. An ordinary looking businessman inside the fancy Parisian boutique hotel room. Across the desktop pc, and also a tiny overnight case against the wall was dispersed by a few papers. A glance at the facial expressions of his would lead one to believe he was a bored male, patiently waiting for a company appointment that was running late. A peek inside the mind of his, nonetheless, would have shown a different story.

Maitresse BDSM presented by

He stood, and walked over to the big bed. Pulling a pillow out there from beneath the low hotel bedspread he place back, clasping the hands of his behind the head of his, and closed the eyes of his.

He noticed the sounds of the key in the lock, but didn’t take the eyes of his off the ceiling. Out of the space of the eye of his, he noticed her go into the kitchen, close the door, as well as secure it behind her. And then she stood quietly.

For minutes they stayed the right way. Neither moving, the one sounds being her progressively deep breathing. Lastly, he lowered his gaze, consuming the photograph on the female that had come to deliver him.

She wasn’t a tall female. Dressed in a camel overcoat to shield her from the weather conditions there is very little being noticed. Her hair style was a combination of light highlights, and heavy dusky brown closer to the mind of her. Tiny gold hoops hung from the ears of her. He might see her mouth were firmly set in place, devoid of interest or even emotion. Her eyes had been solidly set on the wall above the head of his, motionless.

Lastly, he broke the silence with one word.’ Disrobe’, he stated with a sound which wasn’t a request, but a command.

He watched as she looked about her. Positioned in the doorway there is absolutely nothing close to her to put the clean clothes of her on. He just knew she can think his eyes boring into her today. She just knew she need to obey.

Gradually, she unbuttoned the very expensive overcoat and then opened it. Sliding it from the shoulders of her she let it fall towards the floor. She wore a deep pink silk blouse, with a brightly colored scarf at the neck of her. A grey wool skirt fell just above the knee of her. Brightly polished leather boots given from her little feet up under the skirt of her.

Her fingers went to the neck of her, and also untied the scarf. As she pulled it out, as well as dropped it on the floor baring the neck of her. Around it he would likely see the slim black satin collar she wore. At the foundation of the throat of her, connected to the collar, was an ivory cameo. To the casual viewer this was a pleasant, Victorian, touch. On closer examination this carving was a few intertwined in the passions of lovemaking.

Thoroughly, she unbuttoned the blouse of her, allowing it to drop open as she moved on the very long row of small buttons. As the bottom was hit by her, and also shrugged the blouse on the floor he might see the glimmer through the small gold band in each nipple. As he watched, her nipples became totally erect. He might see the activity of the rings with every move she made.

Her fingers went on the edge or maybe the skirt of her, plus she bent slightly as the fastener was lowered by her. Standing erect she allowed the skirt of her to join the majority of the wardrobe of her on the floor.

As she stood there, quiet, he examined the entire body of her. A thin, attractive woman, healthy, though he could begin to see the sinew and also muscle under the gentle skin. This was a female prepared to satisfy her master’s virtually every wish.

He lowered his gaze, down across her little, but firm breasts, across her very soft, but more or less not perfect, stomach. Sticking to the series of her entire body his eyes rested upon her bare mons. Looking carefully, he can see she’d prepared herself really well. Not a trace of hair remained.

Continuing, he followed her well sculpted legs until they entered the tall natural leather boots.’ She will do’ was his only thought.

He turned the focus of his away from her, giving her standing amidst her clothing. Picking up the remote, he switched the tv back on, plus tuned in a cable news program.
‘Topping todays newscast’, droned the newscaster,’heavy rains have caused minor flooding issues in the nations Capitol. And also on the sports scene…’. His attention wandering, he had taken in the items in the home once again. She nonetheless stood there, silently.

He fixed his stare on her,’ Shower’, he commanded.

For the very first time since she’d completed undressing she moved. Rapidly, like fearing to anger him, she retreated to the bathroom. As light interest was paid by him to the most recent basketball scores he might audibly hear the water running highly from another space.

After a couple of minutes it stopped. She reentered the bedroom, a bath towel in a single hand. She returned to before the door, standing in the heap of her clothes. She stood, arms at the side of her, thighs and legs spread a little, waiting.

He rose out of the bed and walked over to her. Walking around her gradually he examined her. As he stood behind her, he put the hands of his on the shoulders of her. He might feel her shudder at the touch of his, telling him she was currently feverish with anticipation. With a frustrating slowness he relocated his hands gently down the back of her, describing the spine of her with a single finger of every hand. As he hit the buttocks of her, he rotated the hands of his, therefore his thumbs slide on the crease and his hands spread the cheeks of her wide.

He dropped to the hips of his and with probably the lightest of touches tasted inside the thighs of her. Allowing the trail of his of dampness to move upwards he started meeting the moistness of her. Her taste was warm and sweet on the mouth of his. He might feel the tension in the body of her from the touches of his, therefore he withdrew.

Positioned straight before her, the back of his into the foundation, he uttered’ undress me’. For the very first time she spoke. Her eyes lowered on the floor as she answered’ Yes, Master.’

This wasn’t their very first time together, and also she knew just how to proceed. She hit up, maintaining her eyes cast downward, She loosened the tie around the neck of his. Removing it, she thoroughly folded it as well as placed it nicely on the dresser. Delicately, she unbuttoned the cuffs of the shirt of his and removed the watch of his. This she placed alongside the tie. She returned and demurely unfastened the big buttons down the front side of the shirt of his. Walking behind him, she removed it from the shoulders of his. This she had taken across the area, and meticulously organized over a hanger in the closet.

When she returned, she knelt before him. Placing the arms of her behind the back of her she leaned forward and also grasped the leather of the belt of his between the teeth of her. Cleverly, she pulled the strap totally free, plus uncoupled it from the teeth in the buckle. She then brought the arms of her away as well as, reaching down, removed the shoes of his. The shoes went on the front side of the closet, nicely organized. Next each sock was removed by her, 1 at a time. After each, she straightened and, neatly folding it, placed it across the rear of every shoe.

At last he stood, just in the jeans of his. She knelt, once again, before him and very carefully undid the clasp at the waist. The gradually decreasing the zipper she lowered the fabric. Using a single hand to help make certain not one of the floor was touched by it she eased every legs down over the feet of his and off. Lastly, she hung these, with attention, in the closet and also back.

While she’d been hanging the pants up, dressed just in a bright green bikini brief, he’d returned to the bedside chair. Sitting back he watched her as she returned.

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Maria and her Dom – Pt3

May 1st, 2021

“It’s time,” said the unknown gentleman’s voice. Hands covered the entire body of her as she was launched from the frame work fast. She experienced someone pick her up and carry her to a kitchen table. The arms of her had been secured together, above the head of her as well as to the bottom part of the table. The clamps were slowly eliminated and she screamed when the blood flooded back again to the places. She needed to orgasm so badly, however, she could not not disappoint the Dom of her. The legs of her had been spread apart and secured to the kitchen table. The hood was eliminated, though she noticed the Dom whisper of her, “Do not open the eyes of yours, slut.” The moment the hood was gone a blindfold took it is place. The gag was eliminated and she gasped for breath. She needed to scream, she needed to cry, though she felt lips hungerly kissing hers. She melted into the owners mouth, and let the tongue dance of her with theirs. As the lips pulled away she experienced a ball gag being pressured into the mouth of her and locked behind the head of her. Lastly, the vibrator was pulled out of the pussy of her, gleaming with the wetness of her.

“She is ours these days. This fallen angel which was crashed into the hell of ours. This divine slut. Take her. Make the cry of her to the heavens in the orgasms she was so craving to have. The very reason that she fell to hell,” she noticed her Dom say in a grave tone of voice. She experienced the very first one slam into her causing her to arch the back of her; lifting the body of her off of the table. The back of her was on fire against the leather of the table. The welts burned, as she couldn’t help but sweat. She noticed the female whispering in close proximity to her.

“We are letting the males have the way of theirs along with you, slut, though we are going to enjoy the body of yours in some other ways.” She experienced the the very first drip from a slice of ice land on the throbbing nipple of her. She writhed in the bonds of her, wishing the ice was cooling her marks from the whips. She felt their warm, soft tongues lap the cold water from the flesh of her. The ice was rubbed on the nipples of her, the aeriolas and the firm breasts of her. Next she caught a faint scent. The familar scent of melting wax. The very first drop splashed across the left breast of her. She bucked wildly. Hands held the down of her at the shoulders. “Stay still, slut, we do not wish to harm you,” Mistress Katrina ordered, then added, “much.” The wax fell faster, instantly scolding, then cooling and covering the skin of her. She screamed as the very first orgasm rolled. The gentleman was slamming into her. He was great, significantly bigger compared to the Dom of her. She squeezed and released again and again, milking him to orgasm. She attempted to concentrate on this by yourself, though the ladies continued to ice, wax, take out the wax and start all over once again. She was in overstimulus mode and needed to scream for peace.

The gentleman exploded inside of her and eliminated himself from her aching vagina. She gasped for air flow with the gag, the chest heving of her. The following one quickly slid the way of his in her soaking pussy. He came fast, though he needed her to orgasm. He pulled out of her as well as inserted one, then two,three, 4 and then the whole fist of his in her. With the other hand he rubbed and roughly pinched the clit of her. She attempted to squirm from him, though it was ineffective. She arrived on the hand of his as he fisted her. She noticed him chuckle, as he pulled the hand of his out of deep inside her. Just before he left her, he flicked the clit of her rapidly and she moaned as another orgasm escaped her. This continued for what seemed as hours to her. The 2 females continued on the savagely tortured breasts of her while, penis after hard penis was shoved into her. She felt she was going to be torn into pieces. Tears followed down the face of her from behind the blindfold. The Dom of her had never had her subjected to a lot in a single evening. She experienced broken. Her body aching and trembling. The orgasms coming at the simple touch of the clitoris of her.

“Remove the gag of her, please, Mistress Maria,” she noticed the Dom request of her of the red headed woman. “I want to hear the scream of her for me.” The ball gag was pulled from the mouth of her. She gulped in great lungfuls of air. Next, rather than a scream or perhaps begs of mercy, she started to cry and whimper softly. She felt the hand of his on the cheek of her, the lips of his carefully kissing hers. “My angel, my slut,” he whispered. He entered her, the familar cock molding of his with the sensitive vagina of her. He thrust carefully in the beginning, but picked up speed, thrusting deeper and faster inside her. She screamed as she clinched him tight, pulling the deeper inside of her. She experienced the warmth of the orgasm shoot of his within her, as he collapsed in addition to her. He kissed the face of her, the neck of her and held her as close as the bonds of her will allow. She did not want him to leave, she wanted him close to her, but knew better.
“Marquis, remove her,” he shocked her by barking for the larger male. She experienced the restraints removed and she was sat up on the edge of the table. The blindfold remained. “Take the upstairs of her. I am going to take proper care of her in a moment.” Marquis, with the big arms of his, scooped her into the arms of his, exactly where she lay as a ragdoll. She trembled as he carried her from the home. She noticed her Dom’s voice as she was being taken away. “I hope you all enjoyed this evening. Next month, the friends of mine, we shall all meet again.”

A warm bath awaited her. Marquis lightly lowered her into the bathtub and ordered her to bath, but to not remove the blindfold of her. The body of her was limp, however, she relished the warmth of the water, the gentle fragrance of lavender and rose that filled the air and totally relaxed the soul of her. 10 mintues further along, as she lay on her Dom’s big bed, she noticed the door wide open and close. Footsteps followed. She felt his hand caress her marked body and she could not help but to whince at the pain. He removed the blindfold of her and she opened the eyes of her to the dimly lit bedroom. He was showered and wearing only a beautiful smile. He stroked her lovingly and said, “My treasure, the pet of mine, the angel of mine. You’ve made me very happy tonight.”

“Thank you, sir,” the voice of her was sleepy, nearly a whisper.

He pulled her close and held her in the most intiment of embraces. “In taking one to hell, I am hoping you’ve determined heaven.”

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Erotic Ts Escorts

April 20th, 2021

This is where you will find erotic London ts escorts. Internet made it easy way to search the best transsexuals escorts in London

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Maria and Her Dom – Part 2

April 1st, 2021

“Maria, which was lovely,” she noticed her Dom say. “There are actually a few points left to add before we take something away.” She was confused, not being aware of what he might mean. She felt slender fingers dancing over the soaked lips of her. Gradually they invaded her, managing to brush past the clit of her.

“Hmmmm, she is soaked, David. And her clit is actually getting really hard,” another female voice said. The fingers moved slowly in and out of her, causing the hips of her to immediately grind down on them. She noticed the wosh of air as a hand swatted the ass of her. She bit down on the gag, relishing the pain.

“Not yet, slut. No, certainly not even. Mistress Katrina is just warming you up.” The fingers pulled out, a lot to the heated disappointment of her. Then she experienced a medium sized vibrator thrusted in the place of theirs. She arched againist the bonds of her, screaming below the gag. It was switched on low, the vibrations stirring the base instincts of her. The slender fingers went to focus on the clitoris of her, rubbing, pinching, flicking it until it was rock hard. One other set of hands, rougher, larger, began performing exactly the same to the nipples of her. She rocked against the vibrator, just to feel the hand across her bottom once again. As the nipples of her and clit grew more and harder erect, she felt clamps simultaneously bite down. She screamed once again. She experienced the chain connecting the 3 clamps against the blank flesh of the belly of her. Someone hooked the band in the clamp chain to the ring in the collar of her. If she had been moving the head of her back, the clamps would pull, causing brutal pain to shoot through the body of her. She next felt the arms of her and legs currently being stretched further as the chains were tighened. She experienced her feet start lifting through the floor, until just the feet of her were touching the ground.

“She looks extremely gorgeous, David,” she noticed a gentleman say. She did not understand how she looked. On tiptoe, hooded, gagged, suspended spread eagle, a vibrator in her quivering in, clamped, and vagina white. She experienced a hand caress the bare bottom of her and then move up the back of her. The fingers touched the wings of her, she felt comfort for a short time. In that case she felt icy metal, small steel following the hand. It’d to become a knife. They intended to cut off the wings of her. She attempted to protest, but the moment she shook the head of her, pain seared from the clamps being pulled.
“Fallen angels don’t have wings,” her Dom whispered to her. “You,” he hissed, “do not deserve the wings of yours, slut.” She experienced the knife slice through the thin leather straps. He did it gradually, making her suffer for the pain of the loss. She whimpered throughout the gag. He sliced the next strap and she screamed when the wings fell to the floor. Although these were simply a prop, she genuinely felt she’d lost an appendege. She trembled, struggling to keep the neck of her from pulling the clamps. “It is actually time this fallen angel, this particular slut be punished for what she’s done.” The vibrator was switched up to medium, sending her into uncontrolable quaking. She squeezed it tight, moaning. She knew she couldn’t orgasm, regardless of exactly how badly she needed until. She’d to hold back until her Dom allowed her that privlege.

She felt cool leather of a flogger being run along the back of her, where the wings of her had been. She cried out once again, though the gag, sadly silenced her cries for the lost wings of her. The very first stroke lashed at the back of her, forcefully pushing her forward. She swayed for a short time, then the subsequent stroke hit. She screamed with each blow, moving with it. After 10 lashes and feeling the welts rising on the pink flesh of her, they quit for a short time. She heard whispering as well as the chains lowering her to the floor. The wrists of her were freed, her arms rubbed for a short time, and her ankles released. She needed to crumple to the ground, but did not have such an opportunity. The wrists of her were roughly pulled in front of her and she was dragged 5 steps across the room. She experienced a hand on each wrist, pulling the arms of her up and apart once again. She heard locks closing this time and immediately screamed. A swat on the unmarked bottom of her, silenced her fast. The legs of her had been moved apart as well as the ankles again secured, locked into position. She was locked right into a X frame. They weren’t finished preparing her for the following round. The hood she used had a band in the top which they slipped a chain through and was connected to the ceiling, rendering the head immobile of her. A heavy leather strap was placed at her lower back, pushing her chest and torso tightly againist the solid wood frame. She wiggled, trying to give herself some resistence and room from the clamps, but found herself being held down even though the strap was firmly secured, locking the down of her.
This point she felt tiny, natural leather traced over the rear of the legs of her. She just knew it was a cat o’nine tails. She bit down on the gag, sucking it more difficult with each stroke. 10 strokes and the legs of her were on fire. She will have collapsed whether they had not bound her to the frame. Then was the bottom of her with a rigid leather-based flogger. She began to slip into the slave space of her, floating The pleasure and pain getting one. The welts covering her bottom, legs, and back. The vibrator humming away in the pussy of her.

“She’ s too quiet,” Maria, the red headed female said.

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Maria and Her Dom – Part 1

March 13th, 2021

She stood before the mirror, stunned at the sight she beheld. He lingered behind her. He was dressed sharply in all black; silk shirt, silk tie, shiny shoes and dress pants. Tonight was yet another one of her Dom’s infamous parties. Tonight he’d something remarkable planned. She was mesmerised at the appearence of her. She was utilized to the bondage attire of her, as well as enjoyed it. She used black always. Tonight she was dressed in white.

He stepped closer to her, the gentle breath of his warming her neck. “I know it appears a tad dramatic, but what exactly are we but dramatic women. The pet of mine, my treasure.” He kissed the bare shoulder of her. Chills raced through her. His arms encircled the waist of her, pulling her closer to him. She stared at the white elbow length leather gloves encasing the arms of her. The thigh high, 4 inch spiked, white leather boots on the legs of her. Actually the collar of her was white leather. What made the sight so incredible to her, was the set of white wings connected to the back of her by thinner leather straps that looped more than the shoulders of her. They’d gorgeous white feathers which extended to the bottom of her. The blonde hair of her, grazed the shoulders of her, creating an aura of the divine. “My angel,” he whispered. “Fallen from the heavens, into hell.” He took her by the hand and lead her out from the bedroom and down the 2 flights of stairs to the “dungeon” of his. A really big male, dressed in a small black tee shirt and black jeans stood at the bottom part of the actions. The door to the dungeon was closed, though she can audibly hear voices from inside. The guests of his had arrived, awaiting the evening’s entertainment. and host “Marquis, keep her here, until I call for her.” Silently the muscular male agreed. Her Dom handed him a pair of handcuffs and entered the party, to boisterous cheers.

“Arms out,” he paused to sneeringly add, “angel.” She complied and experienced the steel cuffs snap around her trembling wrists. He took the short chain between the cuffs in the left hand of his and forced her to the knee of her. She bowed the head of her and then attempted to concentrate on the part she was “playing” that evening. An angel, fallen out of the heavens to the depths of hell. He needed her to resist, to fight, to allow it to be all remarkable. It was as a play to him and she could not help but like being the star of his as he directed.

She listened very carefully as her Dom spoke softly to the guests of his, trying to assertain the mood amongest them. Suddenly he shouted, “Marquis, bring out the angel.” Marquis roughly pulled her to the feet of her and threw open the door. It was extremely dim, aside from the countless candles which were burning about the room. She could not tell the number of had gathered, except these were dressed in black formal attire. Her Dom strode forth from the rear of the group which had gathered, his shirt unbuttoned to the waist, along with a devilish grin on the perfect lips of his. He has taken her from Maritn’s care and forced her roughly into the middle of the home.

“Such a lovely creature which has dropped out of the heavens just to wind up right here in hell. Tsk tsk, you have to have done something bad to wind up with us.” They laughed softly, as she glanced around. Her Dom grabbed a couple of the hair of her and pulled the head of her back quickly. “You are actually ours now, fallen one.” She shook her head no and pleaded for the innocence of her.

“No, please, I do not belong here,” she whimpered. The Dom forced her to the knees of her and knelt next to her. He unlocked and removed the handcuffs from the wrists of her. She sighed and looked up to him gratefully. “Thank you for the kindness of yours, sir.” He laughed and pulled the hair of her once again.

“You is going to know no kindness from us, fallen one.” He easily attached black leather wrist cuffs with rings on them, while another person attached similar cuffs to the ankles of her. He then took chains which hung out of the ceiling and secured them to the rings of the wristcuffs. The arms of her had been pulled up and apart. She remained on the knees of her until the chains began receeding into the ceiling and pulling her erect. She might feel the pussy of her growing sticky and warm with excitement.

“Please, you do not understand what you’re doing. Release me, please. I beg of all of you.” Again, soft laughter came from the team. She felt her legs kicked apart from behind and secured to chains which were on the floor. She was helpless and once again begged,” Please, please…”

“Enough of that,” snapped her Dom. “There is going to be no more pleading, unless, the ones that casted you out are listening.” A taller muscular male with shoulder length black hair and also the greyest eyes, stepped up from the group holding a natural leather penis gag. “Open,” he commanded. “Open that cherry white mouth of yours.” She heistated for a short time, just to have her hair pulled sharply. She let out a scream, allowing the gag to be shoved into the mouth of her and locked behind the head of her. She moaned softly and shaking the head of her, trying her better to push the gag out.

“I bet she was thrown out for being a slut,” purred a red haired female, sliding up to her. “We should see. I am certain she is soaked.” Murmurs of agreement circled the group and she felt her Dom’s fingers dance along her shaved pussy and plunge deep inside her. He held up 2 fingers that dripped with the decadent wetness of her. Cheers erupted out of the number as she hung in the center of the room, struggling in the bonds of her. The white haired female quickly leaned into the angel’s ear and whispered loudly, so that every one could possibly hear, “I told you she was a slut.” The red haired female ran the tongue of her along the fallen one’s ear and she jerked away. The white head grabbed a couple of the blonde tresses of her, and sneered, “None of that, fallen one.” She watched the Dom of her hand the red head a black leather hood. She shook the head of her violently, no no no!! The white head snickered and grasped the hair of her unmercifully tight. She experienced 2 hands pull the hair of her into a sleek ponytail and then hold the head of her yet. The female and most of the party guests vanished from sight as the hood was pulled over the head of her. There were openings for the ears of her, nose mouth as well as one in the top for the ponytail. She experienced the lacings pulled snuggly and tied secure. She trembled. She was at the mercy of theirs. Gagged, blinded, as well as bound. The legs of her were sticky from the torture so far.

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Bondage Babe Whipped

March 6th, 2021

Painsluts Erotic Torture

Bondage Babe Whipped

Shadow Slaves
Exclusive BDSM Movies

Chaos Tied and Whipped To Tears in bondage cross domination

Shadow Slaves
BD & S/M Films

Shadow Slaves

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Milf in Stockings Spanked

February 19th, 2021

Painsluts Erotic Torture

Milf in Stockings Spanked

Shadow Slaves
Exclusive BDSM Movies

Amateur Painslut Kitty Whipped and private bdsm dungeon session of mature submissive in stockings and lingerie getting tied up and punished

Shadow Slaves
BD & S/M Films

The horny milf is tied, whipped and punished inside the dungeon. Lifestyle beginner BDSM slave female Kitty is wearing lingerie and stockings for her whipping session. She is tied palms above head and whipped on her backside, backside and tits.

What might be more fun than that? A horny submissive naked woman on your dungeon. The sexy milf performs the position of a prisoner all chained up in ropes for your bondage dungeon. A prisoner in bondage a good way to punish and fuck in your favorite BDSM video games!

Look into her eyes, she knows she is your intercourse slave and he or she craves both the delight and pain to follow. She is aware of that she should obey your every sexual wish, fulfill your every sexual urge. She is bare in bondage, she is there to serve you.

So what comes first? You have this beautiful submissive naked woman prisoner in bondage, chained up for your dungeon. So what are you going to do to her first. Will she be fucked in bondage? Or does she need a thorough whipping first. Does punishing ladies in bondage turn you on? Is it foreplay before she is fucked in bondage through your outstanding cock? Or do you just need to fuck her and play BDSM video games along with her later.

Whatever your wishes, this is your BDSM party. These are your willing girls prisoners in chains. You get to decide their torture, you get to determine when and how they’re fucked in chains. Keep your sex slaves in bondage to your bondage dungeon, they will serve you obediently, they may let you play your BDSM games with them.


  1. An instrument with a long bendy hanging surface used for corporal punishment; placing with such an implement.
  2. Whipping: binding the ends of a cut length of rope to prevent fraying.

Whipping Your Slave
In medieval times, a simple upright post with cuffs connected to which offenders had been mounted for public whippings. Reproductions are once in a while discovered these days as items of bondage furniture. Crosses, Stocks, and Posts

Want to experience bondage parties and real life fetish events? If so try and peruse the Guide To Fetish Parties and BDSM Clubs for some interesting and informative walkthroughs of how to go about it.

Shadow Slaves

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Amateur Slave Jay

January 14th, 2021

Painsluts Erotic Torture

Amateur Slave Jay

Shadow Slaves
Exclusive BDSM Movies

Mature Painslut Jays Stinging Nettle BDSM and breast bondage

Shadow Slaves
BD & S/M Films

Shadow Slaves

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Amateurs Lesbian BDSM

August 11th, 2020

Painsluts Erotic Torture

Amateurs Lesbian BDSM

Shadow Slaves
Exclusive BDSM Movies

Amateurs Lesbian BDSM and bbw spanking of redhead slave Alex in stockings by tall strict dominatrix.

The Redhead Submissive

You are taking me by the hand and also lead me right into an area I have never ever seen before. I am trembling a tad. Not knowing precisely what this particular place is or even whatever you are going to do with me there. We get into, and also I realize the room is loaded with unusual equipment… boards, dull with chains as well as cuffs attached, sawhorses – likewise equipped. All of the wall surfaces are mirrored. I see sets of driving ropes, clamps, and crops. The majority of the room is a blur because you point me to some sawhorse.

I consider you hesitantly. You are taking off the jacket of mine. There aren’t any others within the room, and you begin carefully unbuttoning the blouse of mine.

I am shaking with fear – the apparatus intimidates me. You chuckle a little… noticing the fright of mine. You whisper in the ear of mine and inform me that I am going to learn to publish for you entirely tonight. And also you keep me. I feel secure along with you. The fragrance of your respective cologne steadies me. I feel ready in order to be yours because of this evening and also to do anything you need of me.

Pain and Pleasure

You purchase me to remove the skirt of mine, and I slip it more than the hips of mine. Positioned in the center of the home, I’m using just a black colored bustier with garters, thigh high stockings, black lace panties, along with high heel.

You tell me to keep the arms of mine behind the back of mine when you run the hands of yours over my body… assessment me… perception me. As you are feeling the wetness in between the thighs of mine, I feel ashamed. Fearful and also asking yourself the reason I am right here, what I am performing, and God, a zillion other things… though the hand clamps securely on my pussy… massaging the wetness in the panties of mine. And virtually all I are able to do is moan. Lost… lost in enthusiasm, I forget the anxieties of mine and publish to the contact of yours.

Shadow Slaves
BD & S/M Films

Lesbian Domination

You teach me to undress for you. I take off the high heels of mine & slowly undo the garters one after the other. I unzip the front side of the bustier and also my breasts fall lightly. Very soft, feminine in the dark room. You inform to keep the stockings of mine on, and also I comply.

Once more you press the hand of yours to my test and crotch the wetness of mine. Pleased, you tell me to get rid of the panties of mine. This particular I do slowly… unsteadily. Giving them for you.

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Without having a word, you’re taking the locks of mine in your force and hand the head of mine back. As I shriek in pain, you stuff the panties to my mouth… muffling the sounds of mine.

Next, I gaze wide-eyed as you set a blindfold over me. Today, not able to see or even talk, you point me with the sawhorse. I sample the personal wetness of mine on the cloth in my groan as well as mouth when you bend the entire body of mine with the sawhorse. I think you distribute the legs of mine vast and tie them with the thighs and legs of the sawhorse. The hands of mine you pull above my head… tying them too so I’m totally powerless.

Trembling and Moaning

I tremble with afraid excitement as I recognize the pussy of mine as well as ass are completely exposed to you and I’m totally subject to the will of yours. The heart of mine beats faster as I believe you drag a little, slim impliment along my buttocks & thighs. Then feel the crack as well as sting of the harvest.

I jerk in the pain as well as scream… but to no avail. The gag is securely set up. I feel the ache over and over as the harvest comes down on my flesh… feeling the melt just recognizing that welts are performing before you.

I cry because you again operate the crop between the legs of mine. You dip the conclusion of the harvest in the soaked pussy of mine and I moan at the pleasure and also the suffering that you simply give me. You slide the tip to the fine pucker of the anus of mine and press inward. Smiling, you view as I try and push back in to it. You realize what I want… so you glide it in profoundly and also start pressing it in as well as out until my moans are constant, rhythmical. You move- Positive Many Meanings – it out there before I can cum, however. And inform me you’re not prepared for me to get that pleasure.

What happens next? Read all of The Road To Submission at Adult List

Shadow Slaves

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Pain And Pleasure – The Kinky World Of BDSM

August 3rd, 2020

What Is BDSM All About? The world of BDSM, bondage and domination explained in detail. How to experiment with sadomasochist games.

In the past couple of years, BDSM has become more popular than ever. In my personal opinion, it’s because people are living faster than ever and because stress levels are higher than ever before so they need some kind of release. Of course, BDSM became less taboo after a certain movie, and book series was released and more people were willing to try something they thought couldn’t feel good in the bedroom.

I was always interested in BDSM but I didn’t have much luck finding someone to share my fantasies with. I’ve tried it, but not even close to the level I wanted to so I even hired a couple of escorts to satisfy my dirty fantasies. Even this wasn’t easy as I thought it would be so I had to do some research and read a bunch of London escort reviews so I would find the escort who was willing to do everything I wanted to try. Out of hundreds of escorts I found, only a few looked good and were willing to do what I was interested in.

The thing that excited me most was the physical pain during sex. I was afraid of it, to be honest, but I still wanted to try what it was like. The first time I experienced it was during sex with my ex-girlfriend and I asked her to slap me on my face. Once she did, I got so horny that I barely lasted a few minutes after it happened. The same was when I was with any escort and I wanted to experience more. I didn’t know where my limit was so I took things slowly and asked for more and more until I reached the point where pain didn’t feel good any more. It took me some time but I knew what I was comfortable with and it meant a lot later.

What Is BDSM All About

What Is BDSM All About

If you’re not familiar with BDSM and think that it’s only about inflicting pain, you can’t be more wrong. Even though BDSM stands for bondage, domination, sadism, and masochism, it’s about much more than just that. BDSM is about experimenting, trying new things, and discovering your sexuality. I waited for so long before I took things into my own hands and started exploring things that made me aroused. The first few times I experienced BDSM with escorts wasn’t as great as I expected it but the more I visited the same escort, the experience got better and better because I started trusting this girl with my body.

I read a lot about BDSM even before I tried it myself so I knew what I could expect. My first experience in BDSM was “vanilla” as some call it, that included light bondage and a few gentle slaps. I can’t say that I like extreme BDSM, but I do like it when I get a little hurt. I still haven’t tried strap-ons or dildos on myself, but I’m pretty sure I’ll give it a try soon because the thought of a sexy blonde being behind me, playing with my ass while I’m all tied up makes me go crazy.

The most common mistake people make when it comes to BDSM is that it has to include physical pain. It actually doesn’t and even grabbing your girl by her hair when you’re behind her is a very simple way of doing BDSM. Getting tied up is also a part of BDSM but it doesn’t mean that you need to get hurt while doing it. That’s why most people have a safeword that they use if their partner becomes too aggressive or they don’t feel comfortable any more.

If you’re new to BDSM, you’ll have a lot to discover. I’ve been imagining things I’d love to do for a lot of time and I’ve watched all kinds of BDSM porn videos, but actually experiencing BDSM is something else. My first experience wasn’t as good as I thought it would be but when I became comfortable with the new things, the experience got a lot better. The first thing I’ve tried was light slapping and light bondage and when I got comfortable around the escort I tried it with, it was really amazing!

Experimenting Is Always A Good Thing

suspension bondage

When I first became interested in BDSM, I realized how a complex fetish it actually was. It’s not only about whips and slaps – it has much more to it. The more I watched porn that included BDSM, the more I realized there are so many things I wanted to try. At the time, I couldn’t find a girl who would experiment with me. All my exes were very conservative and it was very difficult to even try different sex positions, let alone something kinky that included sex toys or some kind of equipment.

When I started seeing escorts, my sex life became incredible! Not only did I try BDSM for the first time, but I tried different sex positions, sex toys, and even had my first threesome. The more I experimented with things I was afraid of, the more satisfied I was. All the experience I gathered while I was seeing escorts made me a better lover and it was pretty clear because almost every girl I slept with had an orgasm! Unfortunately, only then did I realize how bad I was at sex.

During the time when I was only seeing escorts, I discovered a lot of things that I was aroused by. For instance, light BDSM felt really amazing! I enjoyed being the dominant one, but even more, I liked being the submissive one. I knew it couldn’t be as hot as it was with an experienced escort, so I needed to find a girl who was into the same things I was.

Hire BDSM Escorts If You Can’t Find A Girl To Experiment With

Hire bdsm Escorts If You Can’t Find A Girl To Experiment With

Before I hired an escort for the first time, I couldn’t find a girlfriend who wanted to try new things with me. I can’t complain about the sex, it was good almost every time, but I wanted to try something else. I was fed up with the most classic positions and I was slowly losing my interest in sex. Girl after girl, it was always the same. They were very conservative and even the idea of trying something BDSM related was out of the question.

I can honestly say that hiring an escort was the best thing I could’ve done. Not only did I try things I wanted to for a long time, but I tried out new sex positions and learned a lot about satisfying a woman. It really helped me become more confident in the bedroom and I’ve started performing a lot better since then.

Hiring escorts is now easier than ever and all you need to do is to do a little research. There are tons of escort agencies throughout the UK and a lot of directories as well. Because I was looking for girls with a specific look and services they provide, these sites have helped me find the perfect girls who have satisfied all of my kinky fantasies. With all the reviews available for almost any escort you find interesting, you’ll easily find the girl of your dreams!

What To Try? Next Level BDSM

Thankfully, BDSM is a large sex category with tons of things anyone can try. I’ve personally tried only a few things but in different intensities! I’ve tried spanking, slapping, and bondage, but I’m still discovering how much I can take until I don’t feel comfortable anymore. What I’m interested in trying are different sex toys, equipment, and the thing that excites me the most – cuckold. The last thing has always been my fantasy but to achieve this, I need to have a girlfriend who will be interested to have sex with another man while I’m watching from the site and possibly join them later on.

BDSM has become a way of life for me and regular sex just isn’t enough to satisfy me anymore. I’ll surely keep seeing escorts until I find a partner who I can continue exploring new things and possibilities and until all my sexual fantasies come true!

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