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The Love of Pain

Pleasure and pain is a common term in everyday language, but its still largely a taboo, that some people find specific sexual arousals through the pleasures of pain. Nonetheless, sexual arousal through the infliction of pain is far from just a trend of the times or some sort of media myth.

Face Of Pain

In sado masochistic terms the driving force is far from necessarily the pain itself. Some are turned on by the power exchange, some by humiliation and others by a wide variety of other elements potentially involved in a S/M relationship or sadomasochistic scene. However, to some it is the actual pain that gives them sexual pleasure. In popular terms we will refer to these people as painsluts. In this case female slaves who crave pain to reach their sexual climax.

It is obvious that the context of pain is important to the pain slut or masochist. Few people get off on accidentally falling down the stairs or touching a hot plate, but equally the masochist might have gotten off on the same level of pain had the circumstances been right.

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There are a huge variety of ways of inflicting pain, and to some pain sluts the form of pain and method by which its inflicting, is as important as the pain itself. For instance some have a specific kink about caning, they love to bend over for the vicious cane strokes drawing stripes across their bottoms and causing intense agony, but wouldnt necessarily get off on other forms of pain. Equally other masochists love sharp and pointy play piercing needles for their tortures The Love Of Pain
The Love Of Pain Sadomasochism in one form or another, whilst a taboo, is a known concept that dates back about as long as mankind. There is something deeply erotic about suffering for the one you love or even by the hand of the one you love. BD/SM is obviously, among other things, founded on this attraction towards the pleasures of pain. Religious parallels could be drawn as well but in this case we focus solely on the specifically sexual arousal brought by the infliction of pain.
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