Sexual Pain


Methods of Inflicting Sexual Pain

The methods used by masters to inflict pain and punishment upon their masochistic female slavegirls is per definition more or less endless, as only the wicked imagination of twisted minds sets the boundaries.It is however worth mentioning a few popular methods of erotic torture used in a sadomasochistic context.

Tit Torture

Tit Torture - The punishment of the female breast can for instance be carried out by strict rope bondage, dripping of hot wax, by applying pegs or metal clamps to the nipples or tits in general. Flogging, slapping and whipping of the breasts is equally common forms of tit torture.

Needle Torture - We find play piercing and needle torture in the harder end of the BD&SM pain scale. Needles can be inserted all over the tits or specifically through the nipples - the slower the needle is inserted and the thicker the needle is, the more pain is generally caused. For maximum levels of pain a needle directly into the front of the nipple or through the nervecenter right behind the nipple can be applied. Equally needles can be applied to the pussy lips, clitoris hood (with caution) and a variety of other parts of the body and face.

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Self Torture - A less common way of tormenting a slavegirl is to order her to torture herself. The methods can be as many as the mind can think off, but for instance ordering the pain slut to apply metal clamps to her tits and pull on then, or pierce her own nipples with play piercing needles. The pain sometimes become even more intense, when you have to inflict it upon yourself under someone elses sadistic orders. The Love Of Pain
Japanese Caning
Spanking and Caning - The spanking scene is often fairly separate from the BDSM one, yet spanking and caning is incredibly commonly used in BDSM scenes. The spanking and caning of the female bottom can range from soft erotic spanking for instance over the knee with a flat hand to extreme caning punishments digging deep into the skin and causing intense amounts of pain.
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