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Painslut China

Pain Slut Feature: Slavegirl China
Presented by The Pain Files

Slavegirl China is a 34year old submissive, who has recently entered
the world of BDSM with a huge appetite for trying out all the aspects of
pleasure and pain. China has already obtained a high level of obedience
and pain tolerance, but she is eager to be pushed further.

Being a true masochist slave girl China craves pain and humiliation, and
enjoys incredibly extreme S/M sessions and merciless punishments with
play piercing needles, electro shock torments and cruel whipping.

Pain Slut China Pain Slut China
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Pain Slut China

Pain Slut China

Pain Slut China
Painslut Factbox
Pain Sluts Name: China
Pain Sluts Location: England
Pain Level: High - China has done needle torture, electro pain and caning
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